Groove to Stormy Music Scapes by the Profound Queensland DJ, Christian Krauter

Christian Krauter brings together the colorful layers of vibrant rhythms with intriguing music compositions. Queensland DJ leaves the fans all excited.

Christian Krauter

Intertwining naturally infectious hooks concept and melody with impressive verses blending a rhythmic flow and increasing passion and energy, the tracks undoubtedly highlight the very best of the Christian Krauter approach to creating music. Classic Hip-Hop during the verses, quicker bars for the letter half, a pop-ready groove that effortlessly keeps its tune lingering in the mind of the listener, the magnificent tracks remind their audience to feel free within the moment, to treasure time spent. The contrast works quite beautifully, an impressive indie hit with an undeniable professionalism about everything from the composition to the production. The prolific Queensland DJ sets an evocative mood, warped synths paving the way for the rock anthems like ‘Dirty Duchess – Part 2’ and ‘sound mirage’. An energizing, motivational at their core with some fascinating lyrical progressions that really keep the listeners coming back to the tunes more closely, faultlessly designed so as to fill the room with a perfect fusion of lightness and contemplation, the musician captures precisely everything from the passionate and focused bars of the verses.

Massively enjoyable, mellow yet passionate, and compelling to listen to in full, Christian Krauter showcases their natural ability as an audio designer and writer, easily highlighting from the repertoire the soundtracks balance familiarity and the unknown in an impressively brilliant way. Music tracks like ‘Somebody Scream’, ‘Bondi Beach’, ‘Smudged’ and ‘Vortex of Emotions’ have somehow managed to grab the attention of music lovers around the world with their unique presentation styling and diverse approach to music. All the vibrant musicals are easily available on his official website, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Apple Music. Follow the creative charm on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to know about all the updates.

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