Find Out the Best Comedy Specials of 2023

There are numerous comedy specials that have been released in 2023. Each of them is way too much different and captivating. Find out the best ones of the year.

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Comedy is one of the most effective forms of art that people can relate to very easily. Over the years, comedy specials have become quite popular among everyone. Comedy specials are an hour-long set full of jokes. In this kind of set, people get more invested in an easier manner. Through the comedy sets, you can get many flavors at the same time, which makes them even more special. It is a brilliant method to inspire people and provide a message. A lot of times comedians give very important messages with their comedy specials. In 2023, we got to see many comedy specials that have made a great impact on the audience as well as society. As the year is coming to an end, let’s look back and go through some best comedy specials of 2023-


  1. ‘From Bleak to Dark’ by Marc Maron:

Marc Maron previously came up with a special named ‘End Times Fun’, where he talked about living in the apocalyptic time. And this time in 2023, he came up with a set where he said things of the time when the apocalypse has arrived and yet you are standing still. It is quite a different kind of comedy special, but his depiction has made it different from all. In major part of the special is Maron talking about his dead partner Lynn Shelton. The topic of the special was quite unusual but his way of combining everything with comedy has amazed all.


  1. ‘If You Didn’t Want Me Then’ by Beth Stelling:

As a comedian, Beth Stelling has always shown her talent in a spectacular manner. Her outstanding works have always mesmerized the audiences.  Along with that, it is her fun attitude that makes her special even more interesting. Her special ‘If You Didn’t Want Me Then’ is now available on Netflix, which has gained much attention. In this special, she has depicted her childhood. It is a complete mix of moments like happy, fun, and also sad. Stelling has offered a unique set of jokes that has made people laugh and cry at the same time. And that is what made this special one of the best specials of the year 2023.


  1. ‘Slow & Steady’ by Joe Pera:

Joe Pera is another comedian who is making everyone laugh with his exceptional jokes. He is a comedian who delivers jokes in a rhythm. The exact gap between two jokes can make people anticipate yet enjoy in the most significant way. This comedian knows how to present a joke and create eagerness among the audience. This comedy special ‘Slow & Steady’ is a set where he talks about marriage that goes through darkness and also lightness. His unique way of blending the story has added a whole new charm. About this special, it can be said that it has the essence of coldness and warmness. And that is what helps him to reach out to the maximum number of audiences.


  1. ‘Salute Me or Shoot Me’ by Sam Jey:

‘Salute Me or Shoot Me’ is a comedy special by Sam Jey. This comedian has shown her charm through this mesmerizing set. With this special, she has conveyed all the stereotypical facts about men and women. Through this special, she has said, there are many better things apart from the stereotypical concept of people. In addition to that, her captivating way of presentation has made the special literally a special moment for her audiences. It is her charm that has increased the essence of the set even more. And for that reason, it has secured its position as one of the best comedy specials of 2023.


  1. ‘Born on 3rd Base’ by Gary Gulman:

Gary Gulman’s ‘Born on 3rd Base’ is a comedy special that is gaining a lot of attention from everyone. He is a pure observational comedian. He takes a lot of things from his surroundings and makes comedy out of it. In this set, he has distinctively talked about realistic things like income inequality. Generally, comedians do not talk about all these things and that is what makes him different from all the other comedians. In addition to that, he narrated the story of poverty in America and his childhood in an interesting way. It is a great hour of laughter for the audience, but he has significantly touched a very deep root of the society that has touched the soul of the listeners.


  1. ‘Local Act’ by Maria Bamford:

‘Local Act’ is a comedy special by the talented comedian Maria Bamford. She is an exceptional comedian who tries out different avenues to entertain her audiences. Her storytelling skills have the potential to win everyone’s hearts instantly. In this special, she has come up with the concept of death of the loved ones. The concept of it is very much tragic and people might can’t think of anything funny at this point but Bamford has weaved the concept in an outstanding way that has definitely garnered many audience’s attention. Right after the special, she has also done a little crowdwork that has made the special more enjoyable for all.


  1. ‘Hijabs Off’ by Zainab Johnson:

‘Hijabs Off’ is the very first hour-long comedy special of Zainab Johnson and it can be said that she has won many hearts with this first special. From the name of the set, everyone can understand that it has a reference to the religion. And talking about religion in comedy can be one of the riskiest things. But Zainab has taken the initiative and did an excellent job. At first, she started talking about her name and made fun of it. Later she moved to her family and then took it to the religion. Her subtle way of shifting in the story has made the even more appealing to the audiences. Hence, it is her unique concept and storytelling that has made the special more interesting for all.


These are some best comedy specials of 2023 that we got to see. Each of them has depicted the story of a certain part of our society. Each of them is very much important and also an integral part of our life. Their thoughtful take on the concepts and blending it with the comedy has touched the soul of the audiences.

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