Trusted Author, Speaker, and Life Coach Eric North Helps People Step into 2024 with Power

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 4, 2024 ( – The world is full of people whose voices are never heard as they are silenced before they begin and are fearful of speaking up and revealing their innermost passions and creative ideas. This leads to so many potentially life-changing opportunities dying in silence, unnecessary fear, and apprehension. Renowned author Eric North says that there is a sense of panic that comes from the thought of standing out and being noticed. This is why the desire to skate through life in the shadows and remain unseen without making an undulation. Eric says that this makes life without any passion or sense of reinvention, an act of squandering opportunities until there are none. This is why the celebrated author, life coach, and motivational speaker is here to help his followers start this New Year by reclaiming their lives.

Eric North has always been passionate about helping people and guiding them to achieve their eternal happiness and peace in life. This earns the eminent speaker the name of ‘The Happiness Warrior’. On how to step into this New Year with strength, North says that there are various lives lived within the inequitable rules and boundaries of our former ways of doing things. This also leads to hidden powers standing idle and unused just waiting for the courage to rise and change the world. He says that the opportunity for change is always before humans, concealed in the choices they make and opportunities that they create when they learn to live their lives with purpose and gratitude.

The entire decision to change lives depends on people themselves, they can determine to live passively, or they can create something better that helps them come alive. The world-famous and best-selling author says too often people allow life to choose what to do with them and forget that they can choose themselves. People have the freedom to create their opportunities and when they choose to reveal their powers, their lives will always accelerate and gain momentum. According to ‘The Happiness Warrior’ this is the only way to become the best versions of ourselves. On top of that, the energy of the universe is always there to guide and help people achieve their goals and dreams in life.

The celebrated life coach says that people’s hidden powers can lie dormant and untested for years when they allow themselves to live in a paradigm of control and fear. According to North, this can feel like there is a purposeful intention from the forces that seek to divide humans–pursuing control to keep them in line and always obeying the paralyzing system of control and restraint. If people continue to choose to live in the shadows, life will often be predictable and mundane. Eric explains that finding inner power comes with an understanding that people deserve better in life and all humans deserve to be happy.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ in this process of finding inner power places much importance on self-discipline. He says that no matter where or when people start, there is only one power that is needed to activate a new existence. This is the glorious power of self-discipline and the incredible things people can use to create. This starts with making lists, writing down goals, taking notes of all success, and celebrating milestones. The trick is to use visualization to help steer the course. North says the more people see themselves in the future, the easier it will come true. Self-discipline leads to success and a more balanced perspective on life. Eric advises that only people can determine and choose the steps in their journeys. So it is important to embrace rituals and feel their magic in everyday life.

The esteemed motivational speaker then asks his followers to step into power and forget about the fear in life. According to him, most people live with uncertainty and insecurity, which for some is an epidemic that always stays on the surface. Fear of the unknown and “maybe” brings a tragic loss of human potential and wisdom. This brings the author to the primary advice which focuses on changing mindsets and beginning to learn the art of living and understanding the freedom that comes from an open mind. What makes it a success is learning to step into glory and provide a lifeline for others filled with authenticity and inspiration. Eric says the lesson to learn is that no one else is hindering people’s progress but themselves. So it is important to detach from the need for validation and approval, which can be the start of incredible personal growth and inspiration.

North says that the first step in becoming comfortable with new powers is to keep a reminder that people deserve better and that they each hold the power to make it happen. He advises that everyone deserves to be happy and show up for their lives with purpose. So people need to learn to live with a powerful mindset, always testing and strengthening our abilities and visions. At the same time, it is also important to take a vow to move forward through life with fortitude and strength. Only knowing that people are stronger than they ever thought they were can keep all powers engaged and focused. ‘The Happiness Warrior’ says it is the power within that defines humankind as they are the power of their creation and no one can take that from them. Follow for more such guidance.

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