FemTech Innovator Diva’Me Secures $1 Million in Pre-Seed Funding Led by Verde

Prashant Nadine Audi thanking investors after successful funding round for Diva


Revolutionizing FemTech with AI-Based Counseling App and Sustainable Period Products


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jan 21, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – Diva’Me, a FemTech brand challenging societal norms around female menstruation, has successfully raised $1 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Verde. Co-founded by Prashant and Nadine Audi, Diva’Me aims to break the taboo surrounding menstruation and empower women with innovative products and technology.

AI-Based Personalized Counseling App

A significant highlight of Diva’Me’s vision is its upcoming AI-based personalized counselling app. This app will revolutionize access to medical practitioners by matching users with the most suitable counsellors or gynaecologists based on their requirements. This groundbreaking initiative aligns with Diva’Me’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to women during their menstrual journey.

Sustainable and Innovative Products

Diva’Me stands out with its line of sustainable products, including period panties made from natural raw materials. All products are rigorously tested to ensure suitability for female skin, providing a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional menstrual products. The brand has successfully been selling its period panties through its website www.idivame.com and is poised to launch a new range of period fashion wear, including beachwear, lingerie, and neutraceuticals.

Expansion and Research Initiatives

The funds raised in this round will be instrumental in realizing Diva’Me’s ambitious goals. The company plans to use the capital to develop and launch the AI-based counseling app, connecting women globally with leading medical practitioners. Additionally, the funding will support Diva’Me’s expansion into new territories and further research and development for innovative and sustainable products.

A Warm Welcome to Mr. Amol Awasthi

Diva’Me is pleased to welcome Mr. Amol Awasthi, guiding the funding round as an advisor, to its board. His valuable insights and experience will contribute to Diva’Me’s mission of transforming the FemTech landscape.

Expressions of Gratitude from Founders

Prashant, the founder of A&M Martech, the parent company of Diva’Me, expressed deep gratitude to the investors for believing in the cause and vision of Diva’Me. He emphasized that the funds raised will be pivotal in building the AI-based app and expanding Diva’Me’s reach globally.

Nadine Audi, CEO of Diva’Me, shared her vision of destigmatizing female periods as a taboo subject. She highlighted the mental trauma and stress associated with insufficient knowledge and emphasized Diva’Me’s commitment to connecting women with verified information and quality products.

About Diva’Me

Diva’Me is a pioneering FemTech brand founded by Prashant and Nadine Audi. Dedicated to breaking taboos around menstruation, the company offers sustainable and innovative products alongside an upcoming AI-based personalized counselling app. For more information, visit www.idivame.com.

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