9 Cheapest European Countries from India

Want to discover European countries at a pocket-friendly price? Here are the 9 cheapest European countries for Indian citizens that can be visited at a reasonable price.

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Every hodophile has a desire to go on a Europe trip. It is a place that is filled with mesmerizing locations with green landscapes, diverse sceneries, and much more. It is a dream of most people. But a Europe trip is one of the most expensive ones, which is why most people cannot fulfill their dreams. But many places in Europe have exotic views and are also quite cheap for travelers. If you are a traveler from India, now you can visit European countries at a much more pocket-friendly price. Traveling to the Schengen countries can help one to travel at a reasonable price. Every Schengen country requires a travel insurance policy along with the visa. And this insurance policy can be quite assisting to travel at a low budget. If you are planning your Europe trip, then let’s find the places you must visit. The list of the countries is given in ascending order including the cost of 1 way flight expense, food, and 1 day stay cost. Here are 9 cheapest European countries that you need to add to your bucket list-

  1. Latvia:

Latvia is a country that shares its border with Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, and the Baltic Sea. It is surrounded by various different places and for that reason it has breath-taking landscapes. Along with that, you can also enjoy the urban sights and nature at the same time. By traveling to Latvia, you will get to see luscious green forests, beaches, and old-fashioned villages. It has a different kind of views in one particular country and that has made the place even more beautiful. If you want to travel to this country, then you should know that the average cost of one day of transportation is Rs. 790, and meals are around Rs. 1008. In addition to that, you will also find rooms in the range of Rs. 1500 to 3000. The flight charges of going the flight are around Rs. 20000 to 33500 depending on the time you are traveling. While you are traveling, you should visit places like Kuldigawh also known as Latvian Venice, VentpilsPort, Classical RundalePalace, and the town of Cesis.

  1. Georgia:

Georgia is another European country that you can include on the list. It is a country where you will get to discover the culture of Southern Europe. Georgia is a culturally fulfilled country that serves every kind of traveler. The significant natural views, gigantic buildings, and scenic views have made the country amazing in every aspect. This country is quite cheap for the Indian citizens. The cost of local transportation for a day is approx. Rs. 2050, which is for 10 trips. Along with that, you will get the meals for the whole day at Rs. 625 and accommodation is available from Rs. 800 to 3500. You can choose according to your own choice. The average flight charge from India to Georgia is Rs. 18700 to 25000. While traveling to this country, you should visit places like Amicalola Park, Stone Mountain Park, Golden Isles, The Callaway Gardens, Cumberland Island National Seashore, and Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

  1. Albania:

Previously Albania wasn’t open for tourists but recently, it is coming to know that this country is now open to all travelers. It is a country where you will get to see beautiful beaches and excellent landscapes. The outstanding view of it will captivate the hearts of travelers instantly. Every corner of the country has a unique charm. It is filled with attractive views that every tourist desires to witness in their lifetime. It is a country that doesn’t cost much. For meals, one has to spend only Rs. 1150 and the local transportation can be accessed in Rs. 840. Along with that, the accommodations in Albania are available from Rs. 2500 to 4000. So, you can easily get places to stay a night in this country. The flight charges for going to the country are Rs. 33000 to 50000. You can also get the tickets at an even lower price by booking them in the month of February. When you are traveling to Albania, you can visit places like Himare, Shkodra, Sarande, Dhermi, and Durres.

  1. Bulgaria:

Bulgariais a country that has one of the most gorgeous views. It is a country that has magnificent mountains and beaches with black sea. The spectacular view makes it one of the most picturesque countries. The beauty not only makes it worth visiting but the expenses are really cheap in this country. For meals in one day Rs. 920 is sufficient enough. And only Rs. 530 is required for the transportation. In addition to that, accommodation in this country is available from Rs. 900 to 2000. While traveling to this country, you have to spend Rs. 16000 to 20000 for a one-way flight, which is quite cheap compared to other countries. In this country, there are various places that are worth paying a visit. Some of them are Vitosha Mountain, Koprivshtitsa town, Krushuna Falls, and Buzludzha Monument. Visiting these places will make the trip to Bulgaria even more beautiful.

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  1. The Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic is widely popular for its outstanding scenic views. Its capital, Prague is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. The excellent architecture in the country has enhanced its charm even more. Every street in the country has its own attraction. And as it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, then you must visit this country once in your life. The costs in this country are really low. Indians who are visiting this country, have to pay an average of Rs. 1200 in a day and around Rs. 570 for a single day of transportation. Accommodation in The Czech Republic is about Rs. 3200 to 5500. And the approx. fare of the flight is Rs. 18400 to 68110. The flight charges completely depend on which time of the year you are traveling. It is seen that the flight charges are at their lowest in February. In The Czech Republic, there are many places that you should visit. Some of them are Moravian Karst, castles in Litomysl, St Bartholemew’s Cathedral, Olomouc Castles, The Renaissance-style Town Hall, and The Great Synagogue.

  1. Hungary:

Hungary is a rich place in terms of its culture. This country has great traditions that include various kinds of embroidery, music, and paintings. Along with that, the traditional buildings of the country have added a whole new flavor to the whole country. The excellent views attract more tourists. In addition to that, this country is also known for offering its fine wine. As a whole, it is one of the spectacular countries that one must visit while going on a Europe trip. It might be rich in various aspects but it is really cheap for the tourists. In one day, one needs to spend Rs. 750 for food and Rs. 700 for the whole day of transportation. Not only that, but the accommodation charges are also quite affordable. It charges between Rs. 3000 to 4000. And the flight charges are between Rs. 19580 to 32595. This country has various stunning places where you need to go. Some of the exclusive places are Debrecen, Heviz, Pecs, Gyor, and Hortobagy National Park. Therefore, when you are visiting Hungary, do not forget to go to these places.

  1. Slovakia:

Slovakia is a country of mountains and castles. Every corner of the country is filled with various castles that have given a completely different kind of look. The old-town charm of this country has the potential to mesmerize the tourists. If you visit this country, then you will get the opportunity to discover some stunning sites of Slovakia. The most visited place in this country is Bratislavan, but all the other places are equally enigmatic in this country. When it comes to transportation and food, you do not have to spend much. It only requires Rs. 500 and Rs. 650 for one day. And that’s it, you do not have to spend any more in one day on transport and food. For this particular reason, this country is considered one of the most affordable countries in Europe. In addition to that, for accommodation, you need to spend around Rs. 3500 to 4500 for one day. The one-way flight to Slovakia costs around Rs. 19000 to 30000. According to the reports, the Slovakia flight tickets are its cheapest in February. So, you can get your tickets according to your preferences. In this country, some of the major attractions are Bardejov, Kosice, Orava Castle, Slovak Paradise National Park, and more.

  1. Romania:

Romania is another country in Europe that is really cheap at every kind of expense. This country has its own beauty with stunning monasteries, churches, hills, and so on. In addition to that, this country has Europe’s second-largest river, the Danube which follows the Black Sea. These excellent views have made the country different from the rest. This country is also very rich when it comes to the architecture. The outstanding architectural structures have added a completely different essence to it. If you are thinking about visiting the country, you can do that on a minimal budget compared to other foreign trips. For transportation and meals, Rs. 1000 is enough for a day. This amount is money is sufficient for a day in Romania. And when it comes to hotel charges, even then the prices are not very high. For a single day, you will find plenty of hotels that are offering accommodation from Rs. 2800 to 4600. In this range, you will find many hotels that will make your stay in the country even better. A one-way flight to this country charges Rs. 16900 to 30000. From various reports, it came to know that March is the best time to visit the country. So, if you are planning to visit, then keep this thought in mind. There are various places to visit in this country. Some of them are the Danube Delta, Gauge trains at the Vaser Valley Forestry Railway, and captivating sceneries of wildflowers in the Transylvanian Alps.

  1. Croatia:

Enjoy your time on the Mediterranean beaches by visiting Croatia. It is a European country that has crystal-like water, fascinating beaches, islands with coastlines, and more. It is a place where you will get to do various adventurous activities like diving, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and much more along with discovering the country. This is a country that is filled with a whole different charm. The happening life in Croatia would make you fall for the country. If you want to visit this country, you do not have to spend much money. For the transport and food, nearly Rs. 2200 is enough. And if you are looking for accommodation in this country, then you will easily get that in Rs. 2000 to 3500 too. You can go to this country at an affordable price. One-way flight charges to this country are Rs. 32000 to 38000. Some of the key attractions of this country are Slavonia, Zadar region, Istria, The split region, and much more. Thus, visit this country to get soaked in all the European elements.

These are the 9 cheapest European countries that you must visit. This would help you to get the essence of Europe at the most pocket-friendly price. Therefore, if you are planning to go on a Europe tour in the coming days or years, then go through this list to get a better understanding regarding your next international trip.

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