Discover the Hottest Nail Designs for This Summer

Are you fond of trying out different nail art according to the season? Then find out the best manicure trends that will help you to add charm to your look.

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Summer is about to come and so are the summer fashions. Nails are one of the major parts of the fashion. As the summer is coming, new nail designs are also coming in the trend. In this seasonal change, everyone is saying ‘Go big or go home’. Short nails are not in the trend anymore. Now it is the time to channelize the inner rockstar. This year you can get a lot of inspiration for your nail design. All the celebrities are serving outstanding nail designs for all. Each of their unique designs would help you to get the best designs for yourself. The wide range of designs the artists have given would be really helpful for you to select the right design for this season. So, find out the celebrities and their exceptional nail designs to complete your summer look-

  1. Selena Gomes:

Selena Gomez has offered a variety of designs throughout the year. Her versatile designs can be really helpful in enhancing a particular look. Her seductive style of nails is worth dying for. This artist experiments with her nails a lot. You will get to see some sultry colors as well as pastel colors on her nails. This artist has also done a pattern of edgy leather when it comes to selecting a design for nails. Selena always does various experiments with her nails. This artist is fond of both pastel colors and bold colors. That is why, throughout the year, she serves diverse designs to all. Her go-to artist Tom Bachik has the potential to create a wide range of nail designs. If you are also like her and want to try out both vibrant and pastel colors this summer, then you can surely try out her brilliant designs.

  1. Megan Fox:

Megan Fox is an artist who goes for a variety of nail designs. Whenever she goes for nail designs, this artist goes for maximalist manicures. Her fashion is very much different from all the other artists. And that is why, her selections are also quite diverse from her fellow artists. She has the courage to try out silver-plated designs for her nails. Along with the silver-plated nails, she also adds different charms to include depth. Apart from these fearless fashion, sometimes she also tries out the punk Barbie style nails. To fulfill her imaginary designs, she always goes for Brittney Boyce, who helps her to accomplish the look. If you want to try out something adventurous for your nails, then you can definitely take inspiration from Megan.

  1. Jenifer Lopez:

Jenifer Lopez has set the bar high for everyone with her stunning nail designs. JLo is someone who has the potential to visualize some of the masterpieces and come up with her own nail designs. This artist serves a diverse nail design for all nail art fanatics. She can do both maximal and bold designs at the same time. Jenifer also trusts the same designer as Selena and comes up with some of the most beautiful designs. One of her best nail designs of her is the custom-made Gucci-inspired nail designs. The exceptional design of this Gucci-inspired nail can really fascinate people instantly. Apart from that, this artist likes to go a little shiny for her nails. And that is why you will get to see some of the most amazing sparkle designs on her. If you think that you cannot have sparkly nails in the summer, then you can check out her pretty designs.Therefore, this summer, you can definitely try out some designs inspired by none other than JLo.

  1. Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner is one of them who can do both French manicures and 3D-affected nails effortlessly. Beating her in this competition is quite tough as she always comes up with a lustrous range of designs. Most of the time, she comes up with some of the tricky patterns to express her artistic side. She believes in the concept of ‘more is more’. And that is why she shows her artistic side through her brilliant nail designs. For the nails, Kylie likes to go for vibrant colors. It is her innovative way of adding various textures along with vibrant colors. And that is what makes her nails very much different from all the others. Kylie has her complete faith in the nail artist Chaun Legend, and we all can see the reason for it. This nail artist has the capability to give life to any visualization.

  1. Sydney Sweeny:

Sydney Sweeny is an actress whose nail game is quite different from all. She likes to keep it minimal and creative at the same time. The twists in her designs help her to create some new looks effortlessly. She also has the courage to come up with diverse designs for her nails. Sydney is the only one who opted for coffin-shaped designs for nails. The classic designs of her can mesmerize everyone instantly. Along with that, she also adds some of the most unexpected textures while deciding the design of her nails. In the 2024 spring, Sydney has come up with some of the most interesting designs that people cannot take their eyes off. It is her go-to nail artist Zola Ganzorigt who helps her to complete her brilliant visualizations. So, if you are fond of trying out various kinds of textures in your nail designs, then you should take the inspiration from Sydney Sweeny.

All these artists have taken the nail game to another dimension. They have brought their visualization into reality. If you are fond of trying out different nail designs for this summer, then you can definitely take inspiration from their designs. All of them are now in the manicure trends for this summer. In addition to that, if you can try out their designs, then you will be able to create a fascinating look for this season. Along with that, the beautiful nail designs would also assist you to add depth to your look. So, do not forget to look up to their stunning designs before getting one.

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