With the 2020 Just Dance 2020 Release Ubisoft Bids Adieu to the Nintendo Wii


Just Dance 2020 officially released on the 5th of November on various consoles and it is going to be one of the first titles to appear on Google Stadia.

Many gaming enthusiasts were quite taken aback with the game’s release on Nintendo Wii which is already kind of outdated by two generations.

Ubisoft has officially declared that they are ready with the release of the new titles that are compatible with older consoles. Ubisoft says goodbye to the Nintendo Wii with Just Dance 2020 release as their final installment. This news does not imply that Nintendo is severing terms with Wii but for Ubisoft, they are ready to move on to other platforms.

The production of new consoles on Nintendo Wii has already been called off Nintendo back in 2013 but for those who still want to try their hands out at it can easily buy them from second-hand retailers. Nintendo Wii still houses many games on Wii that were never released on other console platforms.

On the other hand, the Just Dance series although being available on various other consoles continues to be a classic hit with players dedicated to Wii.

Twitter went crazy speculating Ubisoft’s decision to release new games on an older system.

One Twitter user @alienaishas commented saying that there many rehabilitation centers and hospitals across the world that use Just Dance in an attempt to give patients with limited mobility caused as a result of some illness or accident a way of building muscle strength and physical fitness. This is one of the major purposes and used of Wii as many hospitals have put it in their resource list and are extensively used even today.

This decision was later clarified by the French video game company saying that this was done because of their player base. Some of their biggest fans and consumers were children and their families. These people may not always have access to new consoles and with just Dance still available on the platform of Wii, up-gradation was the last thing on their to-do list.

However, the story of cordiality with Ubisoft was different in the case of WiiU. Just Dance 2020 was not released by the publisher on WiiU even when its 2019 version was still available. Although Nintendo stopped producing and releasing new consoles back in 2013, they continue to release new digital titles from time to time on the console.

Among all the publishers across the globe, in the past three years, Ubisoft is the only one to have released new titles on the Wii console and the entire credit goes to Just Dance.

The statement by Ubisoft has still not been acknowledged by Nintendo.

The availability of Just Dance 2020 is present on various widely recognized platforms like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Wii. The new version is a blast of musical connections. They have added over 40 new tracks including ‘bad guy’ by Billie Eilish and one of Pinkfrog’s biggest YouTube hits, ‘Baby Shark’.

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