Is Adele Suffering From An Eating Disorder As She Shocks Everyone With Her Shocking Weight Loss?



Adele shocks everyone with her amazing transformation. According to reports, Adele has shredded 7 stones which are approximately 78 pounds and she is still losing weight.

Adele’s fans worry she may have an eating disorder a sits revealed she is limited to 1000 calories per day. Although no one is commenting on her amazing weight loss journey her fans seem to be a bit worried as she might not know when to stop.

Before few days, Adele had revealed that she is willing to lose weight and become her healthiest self for her son Angelo. Although she looks incredible post her weight loss, her fans are concerned about her overall health and some have also stated that she has lost too much.

Brazilian trainer Camila Goodis has reportedly spoke about the Adele diet on the Lorraine show. According to the reports, the trainer has revealed the methods which Adele ahs used to achieve her weight loss and knowing that not everyone was impressed. To this, another fitness expert named Alice Living sounded pretty disappointed on Twitter and shared her views about how several celebrity trainers suggest and promote unhealthy diets.

The problem lies with the daily intake of 1000 calories which Adele has been consuming which has left her feeling unhealthy. The trainer also stated that no good and credible trainer would ever suggest such fad diets and suggest having green juices to be the elixir of good health. She also added that no credible trainer should or would share such confidential information for benefitting themselves.

A short video has also been shared by Camila Goodis on the Lorraine show.

In response to the video clip, on her official Twitter account, Alice Living strictly expressed her views and disagreed to the Adele’s diet.

She went on to state that all the so called celebrity trainers in the market should realize that putting a person on a 1000 calorie per day diet along with an intense workout regime won’t make them a good trainer at all. It makes them the instigator of seriously disordered eating habits and also the health instigator of seriously disordered eating habits along with the health repercussions that crop in.

An article by the Daily Mail goes forward to discuss the situation.

The internet is buzzing about Adele’s shocking weight loss and they can’t decide whether she has lost too much weight or may have possibly developed an eating disorder for that matter.

Irrespective of everything, is Alice Living speaking the truth that or in other words is it healthy to maintain a 1000 calorie a day diet, the debate continues and fans can only wait to see the outcome.

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