The Release of Modern Warfare is Already Garnering Wide Disappointment Regarding the New Map Designs


One of the most awaited games of this year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has already launched officially and like many other notable games that have had online launches, this one too went through its fair share of developmental problems and glitches. Some of the most significant problems included server issues that were being anticipated already and crashing issues that came in as a surprise that heavily affected Xbox One users. Modern Warfare players are already expressing disappointment with these issues.

However though, Infinity Ward was quick enough to come up with fixes and that too before it was too late for audiences to lose interest in the game altogether but they still haven’t come out with a solution to fix the game maps, which seem near to impossible at this point of time. Apart from this, other elements of the game like ultra-smooth controls, the edgy feeling of the collective gameplay, and state-of-the-art weapons are all being heavily appreciated by gamers. One the other hand, there has been incoming grudges and complaints regarding the lack of multiplayer maps within the game as well as its confusing design outlays. Twitter accounts have been quite vocal in their opinions and the various Tweets that read out their disappointment with the game are all over the place.

The most conspicuous and widely lodged complaint about the game is the graphical size of the multiplayer maps which have magnanimous range varieties herding numerous buildings, hallways, rooftops, alleys, and other structures that have been inconveniently packed into just one cramped multiplayer map. The game series is known to utilize huge maps in their thematic display that has had varying degrees of popularity and success but the usual experience of multiplayer gaming in Call of Duty consists of restricted and deliberately placed battlefields dotted with significant landmarks and only a handful of connecting lanes in-between.

In Modern Warfare though, the traditional map is not utilized at all. The maps here are probably the best designs to date within the franchise with intricate detailing and an eloquent overall look and feel but the concerns lie in its slow pacing that is a direct result of the redundant enormity of the size paving the way for more complex and overwhelming gameplay virtues. But as one of the most dynamic games out there, Call of Duty not introducing the player to even a single enemy player for over a minute is literally unheard of.

Gamers have appreciated the maps that were included in the beta version of the game as some of the best map selections and designs in the whole Call of Duty franchise but these probably stand as the only feather in their cap that gives an authentic CoD feel. The idea, objective, and developmental course of Infinity Ward although being immensely commendable somehow failed to live up to audience expectations.

Apart from the disheartening designs of the game maps that again allow very few of them to ply within, the inability of the gamer to work within a single lobby or vote out from one map and get into another are probably adding more fuel to this ordeal. In the beta versions of the maps, players have complained about getting stuck multiple times in a row around the Euphrates Bridge since there is no scope of voting for maps. As a result, the hatred is all the louder.

But there is unfortunate news for those waiting for the amp fixes. Since the game has already officially launched on various platforms, it is almost impossible to incorporate fixes in this installment of the game, even if they come up with a few. But to give the guys some credit, some areas in each of the maps are quite interesting but only if the extensive vastness was compiled and condensed into a comprehensive outlook, the gaming experience would have been much more enjoyable and the success of the game house would also have garnered global success. With gamers pouring their concerns and disappointments regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from everywhere, what can only be hoped for now is that the studio accepts and looks into these drawbacks seriously and improve their development and designing standards in their next installment.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on various platforms like PlayStation4, PC, and Xbox One.

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