Will Smith and His Family were at the Red Table Talk with an emergency meeting to state the Coronavirus Global Crisis

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The famous actor Will Smith and his family had an emergency meeting at the Red Table Talk address the recent crisis, the Coronavirus pandemic. At the emergency meeting, they Address The Coronavirus Global Crisis. It has become the most severe issue that the whole world is trying to eradicate.

He is surprised to see that even after so many lives are lost, people are not taking this situation seriously. This lack of seriousness can cause a bigger problem in the near future that will damage lives on a global scale.

There are still some people who believe that it is a massive web of lies for political benefits and all the mess is fabricated by the national government. They are moving inside the cities without any precautions. This ignorance has increased the death rates caused by Coronavirus on a daily basis.

Will Smith and his family tell everyone to stay calm and maintain social distancing, the primary rule that we should make it our habit in the time of such a global crisis. What this genius artist tells in the video is gruesome and sad for the world.

A follower posted on this video that the state health clinics will not take tests until they show acute symptoms which might be too late for many of us. They lack the funding, so social distancing and self-awareness are the things that will keep them safe.

On the other hand, a follower mentions his resentment for the show stating he lost interest after the way she talked to Snoop Dog in the show.

The celebrities are not out of the reach from the deadly viral infection. It has been quite on the news that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were tested positive and departed from Australian hospital for more intense care.

Tom Hanks promised his fans to keep them updated through social media. He recently shared his message on the internet mentioning that there had been no symptoms of fever during the self-isolation period. But the dishwashing and folding the laundry are tough chores to complete. And he learned not to spread his favorite Vegemite so thick. And then he told everyone to take this matter seriously as hygiene and seriousness can save the world until the vaccines are successfully made.

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