Rachel McAdams said that she would love to repeat her character of Regina George in ‘Mean Girls’

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Diehard fans are waiting with bated breath and quite love it to see their favorite star Rachel McAdams to see her in the iconic role of Mean Girls again and things have turned out in such a way that if the opportunity arises, she is in favor reprising the character once again. It was very much during a live stream, the actress was candid enough to open up about the character of Regina George played by her and it has been revealed by her that she would very much love to play the character all over again even after about 15 years, and this is certainly going to make a lot many people very happy.

It was way back in 2004 when the role of the leader in plastics was portrayed by her, Rachel Adam immediately shot to fame and while some equally interesting and iconic roles are taken up by her in various other movies from that time, there is still something about the role of Regina George as a lot of people associate her with the mind-blowing role. Rachel McAdams Says She’d Love To Reprise Her Regina George Character In ‘Mean Girls’.

It has been revealed by Rachel while she was on the Stream-a-thon for the Heroes of Health: COVID-19 that it is going to be too much fun for her to play the role of Regina George once again later in her life and just see it to it that where life has taken her all these years.

But, it is going to be such a memorable project these days that will take place in discussions. It has already turned out in such a way that the entire idea has cropped up not very seriously but it only came out quite jokingly.

When she was asked about the fact that whether she had any sort of idea that Mean Girls will is going to be a classic of such great heights a positive and inspirational message was shared by her which is very much unlike her character which is in mean.

It has been wondered by J Stevens, who the radio host for Virgin is, that it is the 15th year for the character of Regina George that has been played and also added that the moving had created a long-lasting and probably permanent impression on the people’s mind. It was instrumental to a large extent in shaping up the society and also the prevalent pop culture.

The actress also went on to respond that let us just hope that ‘Mean Girls’ was good in a way that it has helped all the girls out there to be extremely nicer to everyone other and it has not happened the other way round. Rightly so, it has been a very bizarre state of affairs. The actress also added that she felt very lucky that she has been able to be a part of every little bit of it and remained in the same place without abandoning it. It was something special which she never imagined would have happened in her life and she cherishes every moment of it. It is still very surreal and strange as the actor responded philosophically.

After that, she also went on to speak about another movie that has achieved iconic status as she has been an integral part of it. That movie was also from the past as it was released some 15 years ago.

It is going to be the movie The Notebook where the actress has been starred and paired alongside Ryan Gosling, who happened to be her boyfriend from those days. Both the ex-lovers had a great time during the shoot of the movie. Please check out below what the gifted actress had to say about all these.

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