The Portland Trail Blazers is standing at the edge of making history in NBA

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Things seem to be out of control for the Portland Trail Blazers in the previous matches until they head into Game Three Saturday night. There had been plenty of examples in NBA where teams came back from losing the match by the two foldedness. According to NBA News, while the Portland Trail Blazers enters into the Game Four, they raise the possibility of creating history. No other team has made its way to continue the journey through a triple deficit in a series with a win-win situation in the next match. Though there is Game Seven situation, no team in the past could make a winning score under those conditions.

Things are getting rough with the main star of the Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard, as he is still struggling with a rib injury that might happened during the third quarter of Game Two. He was trying to catch a loose ball in the match and the blow separated his rib. But it ain’t a problem for him and certainly, the team should not bother about the injury.

According to the source, Damian Lillard states that the rib injury will not affect his game. He hasn’t recovered from the injury but that will not be a big factor in the next match and will not come in his way to win the next match. It hurts sometimes because it is still there but it has nothing to do with his gameplay.

Damian Lillard did not perform well in Game Three but that does not surprise the spectators because he did not give a good show throughout the series. He was the driving force for the team during the first match that continued till the conference semifinals but he has not made any noteworthy moves in the conference finals.

In the last three games, his poor stunts gave him an average score of 20 per game with 15 field goals out of 46 attempts and committed 14 turnovers.

But the tables may turn if Trail Blazers’s luck flips in Game Four with a smart team play. Andre Iguodala joins Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins who will stay out of the next match. He decided to leave it after hurting his left Achilles in Game Three.

Though the MRI report tells that his injury is dealt with accuracy and he is good to go for the next play but the coach decides to sit him for a better advantage in the series.

Not knowing how the other players felt about this decision but Steph Curry decides to carry on with his serious problem of ache and pains. Draymond Green will have a triple-double and Klay Thompson continues to play well thoroughly.

Despite playing with great efforts against the Warriors, they have to struggle to win four consecutive matches. They will have to secure points if they want to survive further in the game.

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