The a cappella group Voctave has come up with their splendid album, ‘The Corner of Broadway and Main Street, Vol.2’

Voctave has belted out brilliant vocals and combined exquisite vibes of Broadway musicals and Disney movies in their latest enticing album ‘The Corner of Broadway and Main Street, Vol.2’.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he professional a cappella group Voctave has notched up great sounds of music in their recent 16-track album, The Corner of Broadway and Main Street, Vol.2’. Some of the chosen tracks from the album like‘The Trolley Song’, ‘Children Will Listen’, ‘Pure Imagination’, and ‘Disney Parks Medley’ have struck a chord with the audiences. The group, a strong contingent of 11 members, is based out of Central Florida. The members are Kate Lott, Chrystal Johnson, Sarah Whittemore, Tiffany Coburn, EJ Cardona, Jamey Ray, Ashley Espinoza, Drew Ochoa, Kurt von Schmittou, Karl Hudson, and Aaron Stratton.


They have introduced refreshing pop vibes in the tracks ‘Pure Imagination’ and ‘Disney Parks Medley’. There is passionate softness in ‘The Trolley Song’ and ‘Children Will Listen’. Jamey Ray, a well-known arranger, and producer, had formed the band in the winter of 2015. Voctave has created choral, pop, barbershop, and contemporary sounds of Christian music that has slain the audiences. Moreover, they have signed a deal with Opus 3 Artists from New York. They were also ranked in the top 25 on Billboard Magazine’s charts, and have received over 150M views on their videos. Fans can now visit or follow them on Spotify.

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