Listen to Singer-Songwriter LL. White’s New Song ‘I Wish (I Could Be We)’

Multitalented artist LL. White creates a mesmerizing verse of various genre strains in her newlybe released song, ‘I Wish I Could Be We’.

I Wish I Could Be We

The strains of Christian pop intersected with other genres pave the way for a beautiful union of musical diversity. Music artist LL. White who also goes by the stage name LL. White On Damascus Rd. has embarked upon a journey to mesmerize her audiences with the release of the song, ‘I Wish (I Could Be We)’. In this song, she collaborates with fellow musicians Natasha Polanco and Cassandra Jackson who incorporate their respective creative spin to it. The song’s music video also depicts the themes that give the audience a direct peek into the musician’s artistic mind.

LL. White is also the co-producer of the track ‘I Wish (I Could Be We)’. In the song, she expresses the various challenges in one’s life that can both connect and divide depending on the intent. The song is a wake-up call for all the communities and individuals motivating them to accept differences of individuality and find optimum peace and divinity in life. The song promotes oneness and empathy which are the two main pillars of communal, social, and personal harmony. An important song in this day and age, the artist truly makes sense with her verses. Follow her on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram for more updates.

Listen to her track on Spotify:

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