Green Crypto Tokens By REFA To Revolutionize Renewable Energy Market with Blockchain Technology


Renewable Energy For All (REFA) is setting up a blockchain-based pay-as-you-go renewable energy e-marketplace

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Abbeywood, London Jul 4, 2021 ( – Climate change is the direst challenge facing life on earth right now, and if we don’t reduce our carbon footprint today, we may not have a tomorrow. Countries are switching to renewable energy on the macro level. At the same time, firms and individuals drive the change at the micro-level. It is estimated that by 2050, the demand for renewable energy will increase by over 200%. To ensure supply meets demand, it is essential to set up a marketplace and pricing models which can steer the shift from unsustainable carbon-intensive energy resources to renewable ones. To make that happen, REFA has taken the initiative.

Renewable Energy For All (REFA), founded in 2020, is building a blockchain-powered e-marketplace that will enable buyers and sellers of renewable energy products through direct contact. Blockchain will help decentralize the market, allow transparent interactions between producers and consumers, and significantly lower transaction costs. Smart contracts supported by a decentralized system with accountability are the only viable way to speed up the renewable energy adoption process efficiently and economically.

REFA intends to make crypto tradable in the renewable energy market. It is set to introduce a pay-as-you-go model through its blockchain-powered e-marketplace, where users can trade crypto tokens for some real value. It will not only change how crypto tokens are used but ensure green energy becomes accessible and affordable. Given the rising demand for renewable products and a growing debate on the value of crypto for real-world usage, REFA is set to bring about a revolution.

Join REFA in its mission to enable a quick, affordable, and sustainable switch to renewable energy across the globe, specifically the cash-strapped African economies. Invest today to transform tomorrow. Switching to renewable energy today is our only chance at a secure future. A blockchain-powered crypto-enabled e-marketplace is the most profitable and efficient way to do it.


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