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Definition of self made here we learn more about the new upcoming entrepreneur – Harneet Kaur!

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- West Midlands, United Kingdom Jul 6, 2021 ( – Harneet Kaur from Birmingham is ready to take over the world with her new innovative social media app – OutOut. Here we get to know the person behind this remarkable creation. At just the age of 21, she started to turn her dream into reality.

Born and raised in Walsall Birmingham, Harneet grew up with a successful businessman in her father who started his own accountancy firm from scratch.”My dad didn’t have the luxuries I have so for him to achieve what he has in life is inspiring. My cousin and I during the summer holidays would go to his office mainly causing chaos, however, I loved it and learnt that I want to be my own boss one day.” 

Who else was your inspiration?

My mom. She made sacrifices so I and my siblings could do well academically and generally in life. She is the only person I know who could do what she has for our family- what a woman. I can’t imagine my life without her. I am not always the perfect daughter but I know she will still forgive and love me unconditionally.”

How did you fare at school?

I wasn’t always the best behaved and looking back I got in trouble for some stupid stuff such as being late to the lesson so I can miss 25 minutes of Maths. I just about past my GCSEs it was only at A level when I realised I need to get my sh*t together. Bizarrely I preferred and achieved better grades at A level in comparison to my GCSEs.”

What was your favourite subject at school?

“Business studies. That was one subject that came naturally to me. I studied it from when I was 14 years old and continued with its A level. We were a perfect marriage. Furthermore, I was very close to my teacher and I still speak to her now and I guess that helps.”

What was your career pathway?

“Both my sisters went into the pharmacy, I was actually the first child in the family that decided against the university. All my life the plan was clear – A levels then a good university but I decided against studying Law in favour of Business. Personally, it’s not a course I believe you have to go university for so instead I decided I go and learn first hand on the job what business actually means. I was quite fortunate really. My first interview was at Anglian Home Improvements and I got the job oddly I don’t even know how I even ended up there but I’m so glad I did. My role was marketing and I suppose sales to an extent. Again, marketing was something I just flourished at and got better at with time. The people I was working with became my family – it was just such a pleasure to have had that opportunity. For 3 years Anglian was my second home before covid hit.”

How did you come up with OutOut?

“Until covid-19 I really grafted for 3 years and I saved a lot of money but I never had the time to actually sit down and invest. OutOut went into development about a year ago but I had this idea whilst I was still working. Due to the hospitality sector being hit so bad I thought it was now or never to bring out this brilliant concept and everything just fell into place. I need a developer and a designer. Just on time, my friend who had graduated from University moved back to Birmingham so I called on her to do the design for me and of course, she came through with her ingenious design. Regarding the development side, there were difficulties to overcome as the developer turned out to be a fraud nevertheless we got there in the end. Although the work was procrastinated it allowed us more time to do market research and gain an insight into the economy going.”

What makes OutOut different to all the other social media apps?                 

“For me personally the reason I’m launching OutOut is that there’s a market for it and recently social media has been scrutinised for racism, sexism, and many other reasons. I am a female British Indian so I can relate to people feeling segregated. On OutOut there’s no space for any of that. All social media apps out there at the moment are missing the important stakeholder – their customers. Celebrities and organisations are earning revenue but what is a customer getting out of their experience when displaying their loyalty to a business on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook the answer is nothing – Introducing OutOut. Not only have I combined social media with business and hospitality moreover, but I have also added new functions and filters never seen or used before. Technology can be a wonderful thing when it’s in the right hands. Also as previously mentioned the hospitality sector really suffered in this last year this app can help them going forward.” 

How would you describe yourself?

Confident, extrovert and strenuous. I knew from a young age I would be successful and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. You often hear people using the term I want my own business but for me there is a major difference in saying it, launching it and then building a dynasty. I know what I’m good at equally I know my weaknesses, not that many of course.”

Why is your nickname krazyharns?

When I was younger I was a bit more wild and sort of just had it since then. Just to be clear it’s crazy in a good way. I’m a weird person some of my friends would say I just think I’m unique. Last year my life was made when Larry Ellison accidentally FaceTimed me. Crazy seems to follow me.”

After OutOut is launched what’s your plan?

“Go on holiday. I don’t really think that far ahead. There are other projects I want to work on. I have not achieved anything yet but hopefully, by the time I die I will have left a legacy.”

Finally what’s your advice to young adults who’s aspirations are to become an entrepreneur?

“Just be you. Have a plan and by that, I don’t mean a 5-year plan but a strategy where you know you have got the capital and the experience to go hand in hand. I  always say the best thing you can invest in is yourself as you control your success.”

It was a privilege getting to know the face and brains behind the eagerly anticipated app OutOut. What a genuine person to match that business acumen. Below you can click on the link to follow Harneet and OutOut. OutOut goes live in August.

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The next big upcoming entrepreneur.The definition of self made.
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Sohan Singh House 2nd Floor 44 Bradford Street,
Walsall, West Midlands,



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