US Crypto Compliance Firm Expands Internationally as SEC Asphyxiates Domestic Crypto Industry

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Blockpliance Expands Its Presence in Brazil with Osten Group

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Sao Paulo , Sao Paulo Sep 26, 2023 ( – Blockpliance Expands Its Presence in Brazil with Osten Group

Blockpliance, a leading provider of blockchain analytics and compliance solutions, is excited to announce its latest partnership with Osten Group in Brazil. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Blockpliance, as it marks the company’s first venture into serving non-financial services or cryptocurrency exchange clients.

Osten Group, a pioneering force in the automotive industry, has been making headlines by trailblazing the use of cryptocurrencies for vehicle purchases in Brazil. Their vision involves selling over R$100 million in vehicles through cryptocurrencies in Brazil, setting a groundbreaking precedent for the automotive sector in the country.

Osten’s Vision and Blockpliance’s Role:

Osten Group’s forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with Blockpliance’s mission of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the web3 era through compliance tooling. As the compliance partner for Osten, Blockpliance will provide essential tools and expertise to ensure the highest standards of compliance and risk management in cryptocurrency transactions. This partnership enables Osten to assess and mitigate regulatory risks, safeguard against fraudulent activities, and build trust with their customers as they embark on this innovative journey.

Blockpliance firmly believes that blockchain technology has the potential to reshape industries far beyond finance, and Osten’s visionary approach exemplifies this belief.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking collaboration and other developments at Blockpliance. We are committed to empowering businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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About Blockpliance:

Blockpliance was born out of a problem the founder faced continuously when he was a banker at a community bank. Retail adoption of digital assets forced regional and community banks to be unintendedly exposed to crypto-related money. But, as the GAO points out financial institutions lack the tools to analyze risk and properly monitor their client’s source and use of funds when crypto is involved. Since 2009 the industry has accumulated over $2.5 billion in fines related to poor compliance and regional banks are particularly exposed to be the next segment to suffer the pressures of the US regulators scrutiny of the crypto industry.

Blockpliance’s AI-powered platform assigns a risk score to users based on their transactional behavior, enabling non-crypto native institutions to easily understand the level of risk their customers carry via our color-coded data visualizations and off-chain data information. We combine background search with a proprietary score, focusing on preventing your institution from servicing malicious actors. Our algorithm analyzes money laundering, human trafficking, terrorist financing, ransomware, scams and other criminal activity.

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Blockpliance Inc
We make an AI tool that computes a risk score for cryptocurrency addresses. Our product makes it easy for non-crypto natives to understand from where the risk is coming. We do this with color-coded data visualizations and off-chain data attributions that replace complex cryptographic data


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