SpaceDEX Launches AMM Order Book Hybrid Layer-2 Solution Paving the Way to Huge DeFi Adoption


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Faleniu, Western Jul 14, 2021 ( – SpaceDEX is launched on their mainnet today. SpaceDEX is the first layer-two solution for Fintech, DeFi and NFTs on Tequila Blockchain.

Developers of SpaceDEX is a dedicated team combined with talents from Ethereum, Oracle, Netflix. Notably, most of the developers are also members of TQZ, a crypto programmer alliance that was founded in 2018 by John Casper.

The NFT space has become all about digital art and collectibles. Each featured headline is about some amazingly overrated photoshop collage or GIF, and the zeal surrounding NFTs has become a full-blown trend. Design patterns in the Decentralized Finance/Defi space are mixing into the Non-fungible tokens/NFT marketplaces in recent times. Much like other DeFi projects before it, Rarible, a creator-centric NFT marketplace, decided to enroll a governance token called “RARI” and put up the steps to ensure that the platform is being regulated by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The token holders of RARI that include collectors and creators, are liable to vote for platform upgrades and actively participate in moderation and curation in the marketplace. RARI also introduced an NFT index  — a portfolio created for NFTs to facilitate collectors who wish to invest in the NFT market but are uncertain of what artwork to choose from.
Since NFTs (non-fungible tokens)  depict the financialization of digital products and services, NFT setups and marketplaces have come to be an undeniable thriving sector of DeFi. Like Ethereum has employed ERC-20s to embody digital assets, NFTs can be comprehended as provable ownership rights for digital art. Due to the closing of art galleries worldwide because of COVID-19 and other cultural occurrences in the online world, Ethereum established a growing place for creators to share their art and interact successfully with an interested community of collectors. Due to this quality of NFTs, they play important roles in DeFi.

Historically for developers and creators, NFT projects faced a lot of friction to unlock the network effects of a scaled marketplace and the economic potential of secondary NFT markets. Particularly, high gas fees and poor user experiences limited mainstream adoption. Central to accessibility is removing the barrier of surging gas fees for the user.

With SpaceDEX DApp launch and its Layer 2 scaling solution, SpaceDEX aims to drive mainstream adoption of NFT by providing gas-free coinage and trading, self-storage, and seamless UX for developers and consumers. SpaceDEX also ensures that any NFT activity on the protocol is fully carbon neutral by purchasing carbon credits to offset the gas consumed on Tequila Blockchain.”We are doing our best to ensure that maxim compatibility for NFT and DeFi developers, as SpaceDEX can support a vast range of use cases, including Trading, Earning, Sharing, Gambling, and Collecting, all these functions can be gas-free on the Tequila public blockchain” said CaesarChad, the Technical Advisor of SpaceDEX and Blockchain Architect of Ethereum.”Developers had few options prior SpaceDEX. Use a sidechain or shift to another blockchain offering higher scalability but a fraction of Tequila’s ecosystem and security. Neither of these are ideal conditions for developers who value income stability and self-control.” Caesar Chad continued.

SpaceDEX solves all major objectives of the NFT scaling trilemma: accessibility, scalability without jeopardizing user custody, and genuine decentralization as the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Tequila Blockchain.
“We’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate directly with the highly skilled TQZ team, who have continuously pushed the envelope of showing capabilities. SpaceDEX minting on Tequila Mainnet was powered by TQZ, according to Martin, SpaceDEX’s Executive Director.

With its strong technical strength and advanced innovation, it quickly won the pursuit of global investors. At present, Spacedex has received investments from Grayscale Investment, Coinbase Investmenet LLC, Pantera Capital and Rothschild Heritage Fund. The powerful investors will provide SpaceDEX with a variety of financial and professional services to financial institutions, corporations, and startups.

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