Music Artist Jasmine L’Chelle’s New Track ‘You Can Get It’ Extracts the Best of Hip Hop and Trap

Jasmine L’Chelle’s new track ‘You Can Get It’ delivers an outspoken, abrasive, and courageous scope of women empowerment through its production.

Jasmine L'Chelle

Originally from Phoenix, AZ, talented Jasmine L’Chelle is back, expressing her inner wildness and untamed vigor through her music. Calling herself a ‘bad girl gang’ rapper, she is ready to take on the music world with her sumptuous and bold new track ‘You Can Get It’. The track unleashes her creative as well as personal self into a lyrical and thematic explosion alongside a trap-infused production stream. Suggestive dance moves and a torrid theme make up for the song and transmit it as one of the most potential ones in the scope of the genre. The contemporary approach and spontaneity collectively elevate the song to the zenith of empowerment.

Jasmine L’Chelle is not just a singer and a rapper but also a director and a songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her style is dark and melodic, with an edge of confidence and eternal prowess. Her new track, ‘You Can Get It’ flows across the same path and establishes its production quality through outstanding and immersive music. She shows her independence and individuality through the progression of the song and inspires her fellow ‘bad girls’ to follow suit. Inspired by artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, The Weeknd, Rihanna, and more, she is setting her standards high as the next big thing. Be a part of this creative powerhouse on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and

Official Music video:

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