The United States, As Well As The World Population, Will Hit A New Benchmark With The Arrival Of The New Year

Image Credit – The Independent


According to the report of the US Census Bureau, the population of the world is projected to be 7.8 billion on New Year’s Day in 2022. The report says that the growth rate of the population would be 0.9% from New Year’s Day 2021.

As per the report, the growth in the absolute number will be 74 million by 1st January. The Census Bureau even estimated that it is expected to be 4.3 births and 2 deaths every second in the world, starting from the New Year.

Meanwhile, the population of the US grew by 707,000 in the past year. And the population of the country will be 332.4 million by 1st January, as per the analysis of the US Census Bureau.

From the beginning of the New Year, the US population will be growing by one person every 40 seconds, subtracting deaths and international migration from birth. The United States is expected to see a birth in every 9 seconds and a death in every 11 seconds. Apart from that, it has also been analyzed, that the nation will also welcome an International migration every 130 seconds.

Earlier this month, World Economic Forum already predicted that the global population would exceed 8 billion marks by the end of 2022. The growth is incredibly faster with the end of each year.

However, the report by a popular website projected a declining growth of the population. From 2020-21, growth will occur at the rate of 1.05%, whereas, from 2099-2100, the growth will be limited to only 0.3%.

The chart, given by the website also has shown that the global population will reach 10 billion marks by the end of 2057with a growth rate of 0.40% from the previous year.


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