30XX Is Coming Soon As It Is Shown In Its First Iconic Trailer



Let’s start with facts. Mighty No. 9 had to be a spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise. It reached the peak of popularity that made it hyped up pulling the attention of the crowd of $4 million from endeavoring crowdfunding and it was one the very first projects that was done from Japan. Everyone was very excited about the whole set up, deadlines started to get neglected, and a community manager turned the forums into a toxic pit but somehow the title is turned into an unexpected social justice campaign, and now the title is being released with dull reviews. On the other hand, due to the success of 20XX, 30XX Has Been Revealed In A Stylish New Trailer As Upcoming Successor To 20XX.

Meanwhile, there was another game in progress with less active publicity and popularity called 20XX. The theory of the game is based on the back story of MegaMan that is more about defeating bosses in challenges to conquer powers and use them appropriately against stronger enemies. There is a new roguelike element added that lets you to unlock new maps as u win each level. There are two characters; MegaMan-esque with a blaster, his ultimate weapon and another character whose focus id on melee strikes that owns a powerful sword to beat the opponent from a close distance.

After a while, 20XX started gaining the appreciation it deserved and had enormous positive reviews. It now has a 92% recommendation rate on the Steam platform whereas on MN9 at 57%. It has managed to get released on various other platforms including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam, macOS, , and Linux. But, according to Inafune of MN9, 20XX is detected with lots of bug issues and delayed programs that are obstructing the title to be released on different platforms.

Now that 20XX has become famous, they have announced a second part of the title and released its trailer with a retro look and bumping chiptunes.

Our eyeballs are stuck on the stunning heroine as the star of the game. The game looks difficult and challenging as bullet-hell in some areas. Now it is coming with a cooperative play to the title which seems unmanageable to many extends. Easy is not the right word that fits well with the title 20XX.

But the trailer has a baffling end with a tag that says that it will be coming in the year 30XX. It can be conundrum or simply it means that we have to wait for a 1000 years to play the classic MegaMan action again.

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