ENERGYNEVERDIESS (Expect The Unexpected)

ENERGYNEVERDIESS in the Studio Downtown La photo by Denis London

Interview by PR James Lee of NYC with ENERGYNEVERDIESS

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Manhattan, New York Feb 20, 2023 ( – James Lee & ENERGYNEVERDIESS catch up to speak on Music & his Passion for Film

James Lee

6FeettilHell is still one of your most successful projects, specifically your song titled Everything seems to be getting more popular over time what was that recording process like 



That song was recorded at HitPlay studios in Atlanta. The record was produced by HeroSavestheWerld. He is still one of my favorite producers that I have ever worked with up to date. We had a very good time making that song. Hero and I create together from scratch that’s how we work. So while he is adding sounds I’m pitching different melodies to see which is best. Hero and I have good chemistry we finished the full song I’m about 30-40 mins. Every song Hero & I do is about 30 mins in time, we both tend to work fast. But I enjoyed that stage in my career it was amazing. I spoke to Hero a few days ago and we are discussing the possibilities of a 6FeettilHell 2.

James Lee

Are you working with any other producers at the moment



I just started working with this kid named Youthdee (Jakub Veselý) out in Europe he is only 18 still a senior in High School, I expect greatness nothing less of him. We are working on a specific sound right now that will evolve music forever. Youthdee & I have special energy, expect a lot from him and I. He emailed me some wicked shit. We got a project coming & I’m no where near going through all the shit he sent me, feel me. I love his sound we blend well together. All I’ll say is wait on it & that’s Facts.


James Lee

Who are some people you want to work with in the industry 



JAY Z, ROC NATION, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jaden Smith, Burberry Erry, Kid Cudi, Beyoncé, Future, Joy Divizn, Linkin Park, Playboi Carti, XXXTENTACION, Frank Ocean, The chromatics, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Nigo, Cole Bennett, Juice Wrld, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Trippie Redd Nick Mira, Breaking Benjamin, Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage, SlipKnot & Rick Ross. Just to name something off top my head but I’m a fan of good music.


James Lee

When can we expect to see more visuals and music videos from you, its been 3 years since you released the Cokiiyee Music Video on Zil Music’s Youtube channel



I’m speaking to several different directors right now. As some may know I am a film director and film Editor my self so I’m very particular to who is filming it to the style of it and the type of camera they use even then I’m very hands on I prefer to pick/edit my own scenes and send it back to who ever filmed it so they can add in effects. But some music videos should be releasing sometime this year of 2023. But I don’t have any planned time on releasing. I have lots of unreleased music videos also. Director Be el be filmed a music video for Vacation but we both decided to re shoot it. Be el Be is waiting on me he is always ready to work.


James Lee

What’s your relationship with Be el Be and how long have you known him and what’s his importance or role in your career and life



Be el Be is my film father Director Cricket is my Film grandfather. I have known Be el Be for almost 10 years now. I meant him through my father (Christopher Hugh Hamilton Sr.) whom is a great carpenter, music artist, & freestyler. He use to build music video sets for Be el be Rich Gang & Cash Money. Once I meant Be el be in Atlanta He taught me how to film and edit using Adobe Premire pro. We got to work with Young Thug & Rich Gang majority of the time. But we did some work with Migos and Rich Homie Quan and YFN Lucci and many more. I’ve also filmed with NBA youngboy back when I was running with cricket. But to answer your question he is like a mentor, big brother, friend, & teacher just an all around great guy he has always had my back in life and in the industry.


James Lee

How many projects do you expect to release in 2023



I plan to release around 3-6 projects this year. I would love to tell you more about the projects but I plan on surprising people with something much different this time. Don’t expect the typical ENERGYNEVERDIESS you will be getting something new I’m excited to see the people’s reactions to it. There is something special about 2023 I’m feeling real good about life & my career.


James Lee

What impact do you feel you have had on some of your peers



I see my influence on anyone who comes around me or who has worked with me and even they would agree… my goal is to just be myself and be loved for it. I want to inspire the world that they can do anything they dream of and as long as you’re alive it’s never too late. Now go follow your dreams & be great. Good luck & Love to you all.


James Lee

The American Rock Star ENERGYNEVERDIESS says that 2023 will be a very big year im sure we are all excited to see what he has in store for us next. 6FeettilHell & SPLIT 1-4 is available for streaming now on all platforms.







ENERGYNEVERDIESS North iiHollywood Studio photo by Denis LondonENERGYNEVERDIESS North Hollywood StudioENERGYNEVERDIESS In High FashionENERGYNEVERDIESS  DAB in North Hollywood Studio photo by Dennis London

American Music artist ENERGYNEVERDIESS
born Christopher Hugh Hamilton Brooklyn NYC. incorporates elements of alternative rock, hip-hop, R&B, and heavy metal in his music. He is inspired by Lil Wayne, XXXTENTACION, Kanye West, Ozzy Osborne, Slipknot, Nirvana, Jay Z, Killswitch Engage & of Linkin park. He grew up into film, anime, fashion and Music. After moving to Atlanta Ga he would soon meet Director Be El Be. Who taught him how to film and edit Music Videos

He began to take music even more seriously in 2018 shortly after creating & releasing a song called Satan’s Plan Which got him signed to a independent Music Label by the name of Hitplay founded by multi platinum & Grammy winning creators & producers The Exclusives in Atlanta Georgia. With artist such as August Alaina, Jugg Nino & many more, his first official Release is 6FeettilHell, a year after the release Both sides decided to cut ties leaving no bad blood between them. shortly after ENERGYNEVERDIESS would move to California with the likes of Grammy nominated song writer and producer Dab Bowie of Sony Records, platinum R&B soul singer Lucky Daye & Grammy Award winning Engineer Gary B. All while flying to Miami, NYC, Atlanta, to work on the Split series

Split series is now available on all platforms ENERGYNEVERDIESS is in the recording studio working on new music there has been no set release date as of yet but the multi genre music artist promises to deliver something very special sometime this year
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Source :James Lee

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