Drip Trip stands defiant against bad energy, cliques – gangs in the new music video “Toxic” from album #FAKINGHUMAN

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Drip stands defiantly against the toxic energy, cliques & gangs that the music and entertainment industry comfortably praise.


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Highland Park, Michigan Mar 2, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Some artists will do whatever it takes to get their point across, but how unusual is it for an artist to make the beat, and the song, engineer it, then direct and edit the video for themselves?

Drip Trip – Toxic YouTube Video

In a new video for the song “Toxic,” Drip takes aim at being a pest to the guardians and gatekeepers that so-called ‘run’ Detroit’s entertainment industry. Being unbothered by their slights due to the alternative nature of his music, he continues to produce more events and shows to help not just himself develop, but the local artist that also doesn’t get a fair shake on the music or poetry scene because they make what is considered alternative to Detroit’s artistic music.

In “Toxic” — from his latest album, “#FAKINGHUMAN” Drip dismisses their slights by questioning their reasoning and more, rapping, “I can’t explain / What I did to entertain / All these demons and the goblins that just wanna see fame / Yo whatcha say? / Bouta blaze another jay and go away / Ace of spade? / I’m the joker & I’ve been hiding all game / Gotcha! thought you had a hot one / But I’m just another brotha with another mental problem / Can you solve it? / F*** I doubt it.”

Speaking directly to the industry “drones” he refers to himself as to how he would be no good to what they plan to accomplish letting them know, “I’m Toxic / I know I’m bad / Complacent / With all my bags / Can’t hate me & I know it’s sad / It don’t break me Cuz I’m all I got.”

The song features guest appearances by poet and author Toriana Williams, Model and photographer Mz_Euphemia, and musicians BadApeTe and Mince. It is the featured single on Drip Trip’s debut album #FAKINGHUMAN, which is available on all platforms on 3/17/23. You can get an exclusive pre-release CD by catching the Open Mic on 3/6/23 @ Nandis Bookstore at 71 Oakman, Highland Park (Hosted by Toriana Williams & Drip) or at the St Patrick’s Day Talent showcase at Craft Cannabis Club at 29 E Baltimore St, Detroit (Hosted by Erika Simone, Toriana Williams, and Drip Trip).

You can learn more by reaching out directly to Drip on Instagram at @driptripmedia or via the website at www.driptripmedia.com

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