Charlie Muiño Unveils Heartfelt New Album ‘LPGC YOU KNOW’ with Emotional Single Release

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Mar 4, 2023 ( – Charlie Muiño, a rising singer-songwriter from the Canary Islands, has announced the release of his highly anticipated second album, ‘LPGC YOU KNOW’. This new collection of songs showcases Charlie’s authentic style and distinctive mixes, capturing the essence of his strong, independent, and sensitive persona.

With over 1k monthly listeners on Spotify and growing recognition in the music industry, Charlie is poised to make a big impact with this new release. His first album, “Un Verano Sin Ti”, received widespread critical acclaim, solidifying his place as a leading mix in the music community. Now, with the release of ‘LPGC YOU KNOW’, Charlie is set to continue pushing boundaries and inspiring audiences.

The lead single from the album, also titled ‘LPGC YOU KNOW’, is a testament to Charlie’s ability to express complex emotions through his music. The song was born from a chance to encounter friends, all of whom had simultaneously ended their romantic relationships. While they were living the Hollywood drama, Charlie remained calm and took the time to process his feelings in his own way. It was his friends who, over a night of pizza and wine, encouraged Charlie to open up about his heartbreak and embrace the process of healing.

Inspired by the music of Quevedo, Charlie channeled his emotions into a powerful ballad that speaks to the struggles of heartbreak and the strength it takes to overcome them. The song is an honest reflection of Charlie’s experiences, and his fans are sure to connect with its raw emotion and powerful message.

Accompanying the single release is an acoustic video clip, which captures the intimate and personal nature of the song. The video will be made available online, allowing fans to get up close and personal with Charlie and his music. Additionally, Charlie and his team will be implementing a range of online marketing strategies to promote the single, including fan-driven initiatives that encourage the spread of the song and deepen the connection between Charlie and his supporters.

Charlie’s authenticity and connection with his fans have made him a beloved figure in the music community, and ‘LPGC YOU KNOW’ is sure to further solidify that connection. This new album is a testament to Charlie’s creative vision, and an invitation for audiences to join him on a journey of healing and self-discovery. With ‘LPGC YOU KNOW’, Charlie Muiño is poised to make a big impact in the music world, and inspire listeners with his honest and heartfelt message.

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