O’Neill Fernandes’s ‘Shades of The Shads…Vol.3’ is a Musical Treat for Eeveryone

ONeill Fernandes


Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes is creating a buzz again with the Side B of his 40th music album. Side B is titled ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.6’.


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Perth, Western Australia Mar 22, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Time to join an exciting instrumental musical journey with O’Neill Fernandes and his latest musical creations. With his 40th album, he is creating new heights of success. This is a double album with Side A and Side B and each side offers an engaging collection of instrumental covers. Side A is titled Shades of The Shads…Vol.3 offers a robust collection of cover songs from 1957 to 1999. Offering a catchy music taste from multiple genres, this musical project can captivate listeners of all ages and generations. ‘1861‘ is one of the greatest examples of O’Neill’s creative skills as the composition offers authentic flavors from the past as well as the artist’s sheer individuality. The original track was released on the album Out of the Shadows; written by Brian Bennett, Bruce Welch, and Hank Marvin.

Similarly, there is another retro cover of ‘Find Me A Golden Street’ which was originally released back in 1960. Written by Norman Petty, it was first released by the Norman Petty Trio and later on, The Shadows released another version on their Album ‘The Shadows’ which dropped in 1961. Each of the tracks is masterfully composed in order to offer the original flavors. However, O’Neill made sure there is a distinctive taste of his creative psyche.

Being the most versatile Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill likes to dabble among various musical genres while expanding his creative abilities, talent, and skills. Other tracks from ‘Shades of The Shads…Vol.3’ like ‘Atlantis‘, ‘Zambesi‘, ‘Man of Mystery‘, etc also deftly produced to ensure the listeners are enthralled. Most of the original music is created by the British group The Shadows and this music project is offering a tribute to them. O’Neill Fernandes is looking forward to releasing more amazing albums in the coming days. Follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, and YouTube to get more updates.

Give in to the Enthralling New Numbers from O’Neill Fernandes’ Newest Album ‘Shades of The Shads…Vol.3‘: 


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