Retro Game PONG Heroes Not Worried About ChatGPT4 Competition

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Mar 30, 2023 ( – PONG Heroes dismiss claims that the latest AI tool from the world’s leading artificial intelligence research lab will challenge their Web3 reboot of the classic pong game. Despite the well-publicized breakthrough in AI game development by ChatGPT4, PONG Heroes are adamant that the latest version of the language model will not oust their compelling reimagining of the classic video game pong.

ChatGPT4 is a state-of-the-art language model that can understand natural language and generate human-like responses. With this latest update, ChatGPT4 can now write code to create pong, one of the earliest and most iconic video games of all time. Conversely, PONG Heroes is a web3 iteration based on the same classic game and lets players earn tokens by playing against other players or machine learning opponents using wager mechanics.

“PONG Heroes is a fantastic example of how machine learning can be used to create new and exciting gaming experiences,” said Henri, CEO of PONG Heroes. “We are impressed with ChatGPT4 but also know that we are offering a unique gaming experience to our players, beyond the underlying game of pong”.

PONG Heroes is a decentralized game built on the BNB blockchain. Players can earn tokens by competing in matches, and gain power ups in the form of pets for their 8-bit avatars. With machine learning opponents, every match is unique and challenging.

PONG Heroes is set to host a number of celebrity ‘Beer Pong’ tournaments early this Summer to celebrate its one year anniversary and the launch of their multi-player version. The tournament will give users a chance to play against celebrities and influencers, with a fun party vibe to add to the user experience. Become a PONG Hero yourself by visiting today!

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