Hey Re:born Transforms Cosmetic Surgery Experience with Innovative, User-Driven Platform, Announces SE Asia Expansion

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Revolutionary platform streamlines transparent access to trusted clinics, empowers users through verified reviews and community engagement, and sets sights on Southeast Asia markets.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Seoul, South Korea Apr 1, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Hey Re:born, the leading web3-based cosmetic surgery platform, today announced plans to expand its services to Southeast Asia, starting with Indonesia and Vietnam in 2023 and 2024. The platform’s innovative approach to the cosmetic surgery industry ensures transparency, removes middlemen, and connects users directly with top clinics and hospitals, streamlining the process of obtaining accurate price quotes and personalized information for users seeking cosmetic surgery.

Hey Re:born tackles the challenges faced by the South Korean plastic surgery industry, including exorbitant marketing expenses, restricted reach, difficulties in setting themselves apart, and the prevalence of misinformation. By facilitating direct connections between users and top clinics and hospitals, the platform removes the reliance on expensive marketing endeavours and promotes a transparent, user-driven environment. Hey Re:born also empowers clinics with cost-effective access to a captivated target audience, enabling them to stand out in a saturated market and focus on providing exceptional services.

Hey Re:born leverages blockchain technology and a unique ecosystem business model to enable consumers to identify, select, and transact with high-quality clinics and hospitals. By allowing users to upload their photos and request accurate price quotes for plastic surgery procedures directly from top clinics and hospitals on the Hey Re:born platform, it effectively eliminates intermediaries and enables users to compare costs with ease.

The platform is built on several key components that provide a seamless and transparent experience for users and merchants alike:

1. Surgery Estimates – Users can easily obtain personalized price quotes from leading clinics and hospitals, bypassing middlemen and promoting transparency.
2. Communities – Forums/Groups for users to engage in discussions and share valuable information on cosmetic surgery-related topics.
3. Verified Reviews System – A rigorous verification process to ensure the authenticity of user reviews.
4. Content Platform – Access to the latest and most accurate information on cosmetic surgery, skin care, and related procedures.
5. Vetted & Verified Clinics – Only licensed cosmetic surgeons and specialists registered with the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons can join the platform, ensuring user confidence.
6. Activity Points – Users and merchants are incentivized to engage with the platform, ensuring quality and authenticity.
7. RB Wallet – A built-in wallet that enables easy management of both off-chain Activity Points and on-chain $RB tokens, staking, and point-to-token swapping.
8. Advertising Platform – A suite of advertising tools for clinics, hospitals, and cosmetic product brands to reach a highly engaged audience.
9. Re:born Mall (Planned) – An e-commerce offering where brands can sell cosmetic and beauty-related products directly to platform users.
10. Automated CRM (Planned) – A native CRM for clinics and hospitals to manage appointments and customers effectively.

Hey Re:born’s upcoming expansion into Southeast Asia will further solidify its position as a leader in the global cosmetic surgery industry. In anticipation of the expansion, the company plans to release an RB Wallet with staking and point-to-token swapping features in Q2 2023.

“Hey Re:born is dedicated to empowering users and merchants in the cosmetic surgery industry by removing barriers and fostering a transparent, user-driven ecosystem,” said Mr. Luis Kim, CEO of Hey Re:born. “Our expansion into Southeast Asia, along with the release of the RB Wallet, is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation and our drive to empower users through a seamless and transparent platform that caters to their unique needs.”

For more information on Hey Re:born and its upcoming expansion, visit their new website and check out newly released Whitepaper 2.0 at www.re-born.company.

About Hey Re:born

Hey Re:born is a Web3-based cosmetic surgery platform that connects users with top-tier clinics and hospitals, ensuring transparency, removing intermediaries, and empowering users to make informed decisions about their cosmetic surgery journey. By leveraging blockchain technology and a unique ecosystem business model, Hey Re:born is revolutionizing the cosmetic surgery industry and providing a user-centric solution for consumers and merchants alike.

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Hey Re:born leverages blockchain tech and ecosystem business model to enable consumers to identify, select, and transact with high-quality clinics & hospitals.
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