W3S Analyse Futureverse collaboration with Cool Cats as they join forces


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Apr 17, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – W3S Group takes a look at the latest Web3 power couple. Cool Cats, the popular NFT project featuring quirky blue felines, and Futureverse, the multi-layered NFT universe including Fluf World, Seekers, Party Bears, and Gods & Goblins, have announced a collaboration that could take Futureverse’s infrastructure to wider audiences.

Futureverse, the brainchild of Aaron McDonald et al have been slowly building out various technology projects that have utility and interoperability with each other and the wider crypto space. The collaboration with Cool Cats, a mainstay in NFT popular culture, is set to introduce Futureverse to a wider audience and increase its visibility within the NFT community.

“As a Fluf World (Futureverse) owner, said Jonathan Pullinger, Managing Partner of W3S Group. “We believe that this ecosystem has been a sleeping giant, and this collaboration could be an excellent move to enhance Cool Cat’s tech while raising the profile of Futureverse.”

The collaboration will see Cool Cats able to benefit from Futureverse’s fully customizable ecosystem, and will allow for Cool Cats to be utilized in various Futureverse projects and games. Additionally, Futureverse will be introducing its assets, such as Fluf World, Seekers, Party Bears, and Gods & Goblins, to the Cool Cats community, giving them the opportunity to explore and collect unique NFTs outside of their usual realm.

The collaboration between Cool Cats and the Futureverse Family is set to bring a new level of synergy and innovation to the NFT space. The two projects are committed to creating unique and valuable experiences for their communities, so we will be keeping a close eye on how this partnership pans out.

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