Aspect Imaging Announces Health Canada Approval for Embrace® Point-of-Care Neonatal MRI System

EmbraceR Point of Care Neonatal MRI System for MR Imaging Inside the NICU

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jul 17, 2023 ( – Aspect Imaging, Ltd., a global leader in the design and development of powerful, compact MR imaging solutions for pre-clinical and medical applications announced it has received regulatory approval from Health Canada for its groundbreaking Embrace® point-of-care neonatal MR system.

“We are very pleased to receive regulatory approval, allowing the expansion of accessibility to MR data critical in directing clinical care in the leading neonatology intensive care units (NICU) in Canada”, commented Wendy Slatery, Chief Commercial Officer at Aspect Imaging Ltd.   “Our movement into Canada marks a milestone in the growth of Aspect Imaging,” said Wendy Slatery, Chief Commercial Officer at Aspect Imaging Ltd.   “We look forward to the opportunity to build new partnerships with world-class hospitals in Canada focused on delivering exceptional neonatal care.”  

As the only MR system designed uniquely for the complex requirements of neonatal care, and ergonomically designed for placement inside the NICU, the Embrace® addresses many of the challenges associated with MR in a critical care area.

Among the most notable benefits of the Embrace®:

  • The point-of-care Embrace® enables greater access to MRI for even the most critical and fragile NICU patients; providing the care team with critical data that was previously unavailable using off-unit adult-oriented scanners.
  • The self-shielded Embrace® offers an MR system without the risk of accidents associated with an external fringe field, eliminating the requirement for MR safety control zones or special RF-shielded rooms.
  • Integrating Embrace® in the NICU helps reduce procedure workflow and mitigates schedule disruption.
  • The in-NICU Embrace® Neonatal MRI System is intended to be a valuable clinical tool in providing critical information for the detection, care, and treatment of brain injury and abnormalities in infants.

About the Embrace® Neonatal MRI System

The Embrace® Neonatal MRI System is transforming neonatal care at the point of care, by enabling greater access to MRI for those NICU patients who need it most.  The patient-focused Embrace® features a small footprint and is uniquely designed to fit perfectly in an existing or newly constructed NICU, without the requirement of traditional MR-shielded rooms, safety control zones, and extensive space. By eliminating the stress, risks, complexity, and time often associated with transporting vulnerable neonates to the Radiology department for scanning, clinicians can access the critical data needed to make more confident care decisions, while NICU patients remain safe and comfortable in their care environment.  

About Aspect Imaging Ltd.

Aspect Imaging, Ltd. is a world leader in the design and development of innovative, compact magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems for use in research and clinical applications. Our breakthrough technology in compact, high-performance, permanent magnets — including the Embrace® Neonatal MRI System, the first FDA-cleared, CE-marked MRI system designed specifically for use with premature and critically-ill patients inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit — offers disruptive MRI solutions designed to address unmet needs in research and medical applications, providing quality, high-resolution imaging for the benchtop and at the point-of-care.

For more information about the Embrace® Neonatal MRI System, visit  contact Wendy Slatery at [email protected]

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