Jam on to the Rhythms of the Newest Release of Of What Remains, ‘Descend’

Of What Remains


The adroit synthpop band from the San Francisco Bay Area Of What Remains has released their new song ‘Descend’ that meanders into a darker and grittier creative zone.


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Moss Beach, California Aug 12, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Presenting a multi-layered soundscape of trance-like melodies and polished vocal maneuvers, the talented San Francisco Bay Area synthpop band Of What Remains has released their new song Descend. Comprising musicians Thomas Marin and David Eastman with lead vocalist Todd Tauscher, the song brings together elements from a myriad of genres including synth pop, EDM, Industrial, and Goth, which renders it a distinct flavor of its own. There is an inherent appeal in the innovative sound design that instantly engages the audiences, leaving a lasting impression on them and making for a pleasant earworm that compels them to return to it time and again.

Intriguing and mysterious from the very outset, the song transports the listeners into a haunting and gritty realm of musicality that is hard to escape from. The inherent darkness in the song takes up the whole space as fast-paced trippy 808s take over, building anticipation that gives way to an immersive and sublime vocal outpour. The song stands tall on the strength of songwriting, as the artists draw up vivid imagery and witty metaphors with catchy hooks that are easy to hum along and vibe with. They also bring to light a certain vulnerable side of the artists that resonates deep within the psyche of the listeners and enables them to connect with the song on a deeper level. The definite sense of purpose and pristine structural clarity makes it stand out among the rest and provide a contemplative escape, while the mellow and dreamy layers of softly-mixed drum and bass rhythms turn it into an unpredictable audio journey.

A Darkwave synth-driven number with haunting guitar riffs and lyrics dipped in melancholy, ‘Descend’ marks an invaluable addition to the musical repertoire of the band. However, having previously released songs like ‘A Little Bit of Heartache’ and ‘Heavenly Soul’, the sheer brilliance of their newest single comes as no surprise. Check out these beautiful euphonious gems from the treasure trove of Of What Remains on Spotify. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to never miss another update.

Just go for this track ‘Descend’ by Of What Remains: 


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