‘Sarcaun: The Journey’ By Simone Voltaire Has Been Published

Simone Voltaire


The rising author Simone Voltaire is all set to win hearts with her first book, ‘Sarcaun: The Journey’. Her refreshing style and exclusive storyline has generated anticipation for her work among science-fiction and fantasy readers.


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Lancaster, California Oct 3, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Emerging author Simone Voltaire has written her debut book, ‘Sarcaun: The Journey, bringing a story that enhances the sci-fi genre with unique fantasy qualities. In addition to that, her brilliant writing style has helped her to introduce a whole new and distinctive style to the writing industry from the very beginning of her career. This passionate author is a fervent reader who likes to explore diverse genres. In this first book, the author has shown her exceptional talent for writing and her captivating presentation is making a buzz among avid readers. With the elaborate details and fascinating characters that she brings to life, Simone has tried something completely innovative that is garnering global attention. The inventive storyline quickly captures the imagination of the reader in a short time frame.

It can be said that the author has shown the caliber of her writing by penning down a one-of-a-kind story. In this book, she has depicted the tale of a young princess from Sarcaun who is sent to earth to experience human life and ends up rescuing the daughter of her host family.  Upon her return to Sarcaun, she finds turmoil and a fight ensues to save Sarcaun. The interesting twists and turns of the story has the potential to charm the reader and the unique presentation is engaging and keeps the reader curious about what is to come. With this exemplary book, she gives readers an opportunity to explore an intricate, adventurous, and imaginative world.

Simone Voltaire is a potential rising writer and therefore she is not leaving any room for disappointment for her readers with this first book. As she continues to capture the hearts of a wide range of readers with her debut book, she is focused on presenting many more adventurous books like this. ‘Sarcaun: The Journey’ is available on Amazon, thus, one can easily get one’s hands on this phenomenal piece of work. In addition, one can also follow this talented new author on the social media site Instagram for further updates on her upcoming books.

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