2023 Texas Book Festival presents History and Mystery Vol. 4 by Bernie L. Calaway


Texas Book Festival 2023: The Ultimate Eschatological Encyclopedia by Retired Navy Chaplain and Biblical Scholar Bernie L. Calaway


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Austin, Texas Nov 9, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The fourth volume of the journey through the enigmas of human existence is here as History and Mystery: The Complete Eschatological Encyclopedia of Prophecy, Apocalypticism, Mythos, and Worldwide Dynamic Theology Volume 4 continues the legacy of its predecessors as one of the most acclaimed theological encyclopedias. This volume expands the exploration of the mysteries that have captivated the human spirit for generations.

Have you ever laid awake at night, pondering the mysteries of existence beyond time? Dreamt restlessly of the enigmatic multi-honored beasts of Revelation, yearning to uncover their secrets? Or felt the frustration of not knowing how to properly wield your athame or decode theological terms that seemed to batter your brain? History and Mystery: Volume IV is your gateway to enlightenment.

In this closing volume, Bernie L. Calaway takes readers on a profound journey through the realms of eschatology, theology, and mythology. With Volume 1 containing over 10,000 meticulously defined words and phrases, 60 in-depth essays, and mini-sections that connect the dots, History, and Mystery: Volume IV offers an even more comprehensive exploration of these subjects to date.

The book will be prominently displayed at the 2023 Texas Book Festival, held from November 11-12, under the renowned Authors Press banner. This prestigious event provides an exclusive opportunity for readers to discover the continuation of this extraordinary series.

Unveil the timeless wisdom that has shaped civilizations, decode the enigmatic prophecies of apocalypticism, and delve into the intricate tapestry of mythos and dynamic theologies that have molded belief systems across the globe.

Don’t miss the chance to grab a copy of the book. Available at Authors Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more online book retailers.

History and Mystery: The Complete Eschatological Encyclopedia of Prophecy, Apocalypticism, Mythos, and Worldwide Dynamic Theology Volume 4 by Bernie L. Calaway
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