Listen to the Exceptional Tracks by the Synth-Pop Band Chemistry Set



Chemistry Set is winning the hearts of all retro ‘80s music enthusiasts with their latest releases. These tracks have captivated listeners instantly.


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Elmira, New York Dec 26, 2023 ( – Chemistry Set is an exemplary band that is bringing a new wave to the music industry with its brilliant pieces of music.  Formed in 1981, this band is enthralling listeners with their irresistible pop tunes and perking up ears everywhere. The hooky and upbeat songs have proven to be ‘must adds’ for top playlisters and music curators. In addition to that, their mind-blowing lyricism has made the songs even more attractive. Initiated and established by Steve Mecca and Terry Kennedy, this band has garnered many fans from all around the world over time.

Chemistry Set is now gaining even more attention with its wide array of music. This band has created a sensation among all with songs such as Love Reaction’ and ‘Hot Spot’. Both have that distinct ’80s sound that conjures MTV-era nostalgia. In addition to that, their flawless delivery has enhanced the true essence of classic Synth-Pop music. Their story-oriented track ‘King’s Gambit’ is another song that has attracted listeners looking for a scintillating synth-pop fix.

In the music industry, Chemistry Set has shown its talent in various ways. Their multifaceted album, ‘Experiments From the Lab’ showcases music ranging from quirky electro to tight dance pop. Some of their excellent musical works include ‘Iron Curtain’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘I Am A Vapour’, and ‘Wake Up & Live’. Each of them is filled with a unique sort of charm and that is what helps them enthrall even more audiences. Their songs can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more. Apart from that, also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and their website to get more updates.

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