Easy Tips to Keep Your Cats Active Physically and Mentally

Cats can change your life, but, once you adopt a cat it also requires your attention and knowledge to give it a good life, along with mental and physical activeness.

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Cats are naturally curious animals, predators wrapped in their tiny cotton-ball-like fur bodies. You can have the best time with cats but you also need to have the following pieces of information to allow your cat to thrive in an apartment. Every cat owner has faced the fact that every time they are not at home cats try to escape from their apartment and hover around, take strolls, and meet other cats, these things are natural for a curious animal like a cat, but you also need to make sure these following aspects to give it a good and satisfied life:

  1. Go for a Walk with Your Cat

Many cat owners are owned by their cats and putting them on leashes to go for a walk is beyond their imagination. But, with time and a bit of practice, you can be able to do that. Yes, leash practicing might take a bit of time and practice from both ends you and your cat but, it is possible, you need to work on it to allow your cat to go under your surveillance. Walking stimulates the cat mentally and also physically, as mentioned earlier they are born predators, and aiming their hunt and going for it might be the best time you can offer to your cat.

If you are planning to leach train your cat you must start from a young age. And you should be accustomed by the time they are grown cats. First, allow them to wear the harness at home and let them hover around so that they can become comfortable around it before you take out your cat for a walk and you get to witness a lot of drama with probable escapade.

Another word of caution make sure that if there’s a dog in your building or the neighborhood then pay more attention because, as a cat a dog can befriended but also it can become something gruesome that you might not want to witness ever in your life. So before you unleash your cat and let it have a great time, training it is essentially important.

  1. Cat-proof your Apartment

Cats love to look outside but, if you let your cat out then there’s a 50/50 chance of it coming back. In that case, it is important to cat-proof your apartment. To catproof your apartment you need to work on the following aspects:

  • Locked but Transparent Windows
  • Put a safety net outside of your window
  • Don’t leave cords lying around
  • Don’t keep your breakable objects outside
  • Don’t go for unsteady furniture
  • Don’t go for poisonous plants or indoor plants
  • Put locks in your cabinets and wardrobes
  • Remove sharp objects
  • Cover your Toilet
  • Remove Curtains of tie them up

These tips will help you to make your apartment cat-proof. This is a very important option, as cats will not listen to you in most cases until you train them a bit. Training them also can be hard but, it will come with time. When you are willing to give your cat the best life possible, then cat-proofing your apartment is necessary. But, whatever you do, you must understand that, if you have a job that requires you to spend a big chunk of the day outside your house. You live the cats have to entertain themselves, you need to keep your windows free of obstacles as the cat might spend most of its day, planning and plotting to kill a sparrow or a squirrel, while looking out of that window.

  1. Playing With Your Cat

The cats have to maintain a healthy weight, yet this is not exclusive to cats or dogs, everyone has to maintain a healthy weight to sustain in life. Going out for a walk every day might not be possible, so in that case, you can use the following options to keep your cats healthy and active.

  • Chase your cat and let it chase you as well
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Use laser pointer
  • Buy feather toys
  • Paper bags and boxes

These are some of the most useful options to keep your cats active physically and mentally. Spending at least 15 to 20 minutes a day can allow your cat to have a healthy lifestyle and also it can maintain a healthy weight as well.

  1. Cat Trees

These are some of the most useful pieces of furniture that you should buy if you have a cat at home or many. Building a cat tree will allow them to hone their predator instincts and they can also use the platforms to rest whenever they feel like it. It will also allow them to sharpen their claws climb on it and have a great time around it.

  1. Toy Options

Cats are not enticed by every feature toy all the time. It would help if you offered them new things or toys to chase; otherwise, they will start chasing your charging cable or ribbons. So, invest in cheap yet colorful feather toys as you might be buying them every other month. You need to switch between toys to keep it entertaining for your cat.

  1. Cat Treats

Every once in a while you will have to offer your cat the treat it enjoys the most. And let them have the opportunity to feel that they have earned it. Without playing the Weeknd song in your head, you can train your cat once they have obeyed you, you can treat them with a little treat.

These are the best ways to keep your cat stimulated and active. From a cat-proof apartment to engaging toys, everything can be useful to maintain their health. Whether you are leash-training your cat or treating them with a cat treat, these tips will help you keep your cat happy and healthy. Use these tips to become the proud pet parent of a healthy and thriving cat.

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