20 Simple Ideas to Put a MakeOver to Your Place Within Budget

Does your room look the same and boring every day? It is time to put a makeover with some amazing budget-friendly ideas that suit all, apartment and condo owners. 

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It is pretty easy to get sick of your place when you are living in the clumsy same design and unorganized stuff all over. The place you live in has a deeper influence on your mindset and well-being. Just like a messy room can trigger your mental health, living in a mess for too long can also hamper your physical health. What turns a house into a home is nothing but small personalized inputs that make it your own, a world of escape.

It does not matter whether you live in a small apartment or a big condo; as it all depends on how well-oriented and maintained it is. The first stage of aesthetics starts with cleanliness and a small claustrophobic room can also turn into a cozy bunker when you know what elements that you need to put in. While you can hire a professional interior decorator for this task, it is going to cost you a lump-sum amount. Don’t worry as there are plenty of budget-friendly creative ideas as well. Let’s find out 20 of the most affordable and effective ideas that do not only bring a makeover to your room but your overall lifestyle.

  1. Start with a Book Shelf

The best way to put some life in a blank space is to set up a bookshelf. You are not required to be a bookworm to install a nook shelf in your place as the shelf here is more important than the books. You can use the shelves to decorate other elements as well such as indoor plants, show pieces, ceramics, and wine bottles. Bobbleheads and so on. Use it like a mood board and put up everything you like. Also, make sure to put up some books and comics or manga to enrich your leisure.

  1. Put Color on the Accent Wall

Painting a whole room is truly a lot of work but if you just paint an accent wall, it can be done easily. This way you can cut down the effort, time, and expenses as well. However, your room will still receive a modern and chic look with one wall being painted. You can use either dark or vibrant colors or even patterned ones to highlight that wall which improves the overall look of your room.

  1. Be the Chair-man

You can never go wrong with a reading chair as it is one of the most important elements. You can add a unique chair in your apartment that stands out and adds to the overall aesthetic. Only a single chair is enough to embrace the minimal look and make sure it is a comfy one. You can also put this chair in any corner you like based on where you want to sit, in natural light, on the balcony, or just in the bedroom.

  1. A Nice Air-Freshener

Air fresheners or diffusers have gained much popularity in the last few years. It can definitely get rid of any unwanted funny smell. However, it can also help to purify the atmosphere inside your room. It comes with thousands of options for fragrances to choose from, and natural products like fragrant candles can be also used for aroma therapy, meditation, and other purposes.

  1. The Curtain Call

Curtains serve a lot of purposes in your house. While it blocks the direct sunlight and prevents your room from heating up, it also allows natural light to come in. It also helps to maintain your privacy by working as a screen that blocks vision. When you are opting for curtains, make sure to opt for the right size and color as it has a bigger impact on your room’s overall look. It is quite affordable but if you’re confused about which one to opt for, it is recommended to go for black or white goes quite well with all colors present on the wall.

  1. Invest in the Tech that You Need

It is a digital world with rapid technological advancement and you should definitely invest some money to buy tech products. It is not necessary to buy an expensive product but anything that fulfills your needs. Start with a Bluetooth speaker or vinyl record player, if you music lover. If you have a thing for gaming, you can invest in your PC built and RGB neon lights which can offer your room a cyber-punk vibe. Similarly, you can get a small projector in case you are a movie buff.

  1. Keep the Chords Untangled

it is not just your earphones but the wires of other products can also get tangled. Almost every other electronic product these days has chargers and you need to keep them separated yet in the right place to make sure you get the right thing at the right time without wasting your time untangling them at an urgent moment. Musicians are especially advised as they have a ton of wires to keep track of. Hide the wires under the carpet to avoid stumbling upon them.

  1. Why Not Buy Some Flowers?

Just like Miley Cyrus said, “I can buy myself flowers”; you should also buy some flowers for your home at regular intervals or occasions. It is not expensive or long-lasting, yet the organic beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers can revive your mood. It also adds a fair dose of aesthetics to your room, offering a daily reminder that yes, it is your room!

  1. Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

Ripping out your floor tiles just to put a makeover is pretty expensive and absurd as well. You can easily find water-resistant vinyl tiles with a strong adhesive that keeps them grounded in their places. You can find many interesting colors and patterns and can install them without removing your old tiles on the floor. Make sure the tiles and their designs go well with the walls, putting a makeover to your room.

  1. Paintings or Frame TV?

Painting can enrich your room’s interior decoration to a whole new level. Based on your room and blank space on the wall, you can have multiple small ones or one big one to cover the wall with art. In modern days, people have become more inclined towards Frame TV which also displays paintings in a unique way where the device hosts a picture when it is turned off. Wall arts are pretty slick too and you can even come up with a DIY project if you like.

  1. Purchase More Organizing Products

They say, ‘An Organized Home is a Happy Home’, and if you ever find yourself stuck in the loop, time to organize everything. Fortunately, you can find a huge variety of organizers online that are suitable for kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom needs. There are many kinds of organizers that you can buy such as tiered racks, canisters, turntables, risers, bins, and many others.

  1. Bring More Plants Home

First of all, having plants is just like having pets but with less responsibility. However, you need to be responsible or else you would end up killing them. Not every kind of plant needs the same amount of water and sunlight. Every plant comes with different requirements and growth rates. Before purchasing any kind of plant, it is better if you just study a little and then bring home the plants that you really think you can take care of. According to research, watching green plants can help to deal with stress and anxiety. So, it is not just interior aesthetics but there are other beneficial values of keeping plants. Make sure to keep a variety of plants which adds more dynamic to the overall makeover.

  1. A Bar Cart Sounds Good!

What is called the epitome of adulation? Perhaps, it is owning a bar cart. Instead of pushing your wine bottles and liquor collection on your kitchen shelf with thousands of other stuff, you can get a bar cart to keep things separated and organized at the same time. It is easy to move and literally works like a portable bar which works great for house parties as well.

  1. The Mirror Magic

There are a lot of people who cannot live a single day without looking at their face in the mirror and if you are one of them, you would definitely need a mirror. Other than checking your fit and look, mirrors can also help you find the right angle for your selfie. It helps to bounce light in your room and makes your room bigger with reflection. Whether it is round, oval, square, or something designer; make sure to put up a mirror or multiple mirrors in your room to make it look even better.

  1. Pet Control

It gets even tougher when you have a fur baby at your place. Whether you own a cat or a dog, their furs are meant to fly around only. Make sure to buy to roller brush or dog fur remover which can easily remove furs from bed sheets, couches, towels, and other places. This helps to keep your home clean, tidy, and hygienic for both, you and your pet. In case you have pet birds or reptiles; you must make a good place for the animal to relax and enjoy its home as well. Keeping a matching dog bed or scratch pole for cats can also exist like another piece of furniture in your room, specially made for your pets only.

  1. Hang up a Tapestry

Tapestry is a product of sustainability that can greatly improve the overall interior look of your room. It is more aesthetic than a poster or a regular curtain and can help you cover up unwanted dents and marks on the wall (if any). Even if you just hang it up simply on the wall or the kitchen door, it adds some see-through art to it.

  1. Re-arrange Furniture Layout

Sometimes, only re-arranging the furniture in your room can make a big change in its overall look. Re-arranging makes you never get bored of your room as you can always change its look and utilize the space accordingly. It will not cost you anything. Just put some effort into moving around the furniture and it will be enough for the makeover. While it is not possible for all kinds of rooms, especially the small ones; some rooms can handle such radically different arrangements. Make sure to play with the layout once in a while.

  1. Utilize Rugs

The rugs are actually awesome. It gives a structure to the room of the floor you throw it on. If you have a slippery floor, it can help you add some friction to it. It creates texture on your floor and adds a break to a smooth pattern. It helps you clean the bottom of your feet while adding some aesthetics to your floor. You can also use carpets to cover a bigger area in case you have a bigger room.

  1. Display Your Favorite Memories

Home is where you can cherish your memories and you need to display them to let everybody see. Make sure to hand the best photos, memories, paper cuts, and other materials that make you go back in the day or make you feel nostalgic. Put up pictures from a trip, or with friends whom you really miss. Family photos are also a part of it.

  1. General Cleanliness

No matter how beautiful your room looks after the makeover, it can still get messy within two days. So, it is not just the makeover but the hard part is maintaining it. Keeping your clothes washed and organized, watering your plants, mopping floors, etc are the basic chores that you need to regularly do to keep up with the new look. The clean and organized room always looks good and that reflects in your mood too.

Utilize the aforementioned ideas to create your new den!

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