Join the Musical Ride of Famous Queensland dj Christian Krauter With Two New Releases

Brace yourselves! The new bangers from the famous Queensland dj Christian Krauter have dropped. The artist has released two fresh songs on SoundCloud.

Christian Krauter

The performing genre of Electronic Dance Music has risen to maximum popularity in recent years and one talent that has mesmerized audiences is Christian Krauter. His ability to express raw emotions through musical compositions has impressed audiences the most. The way he combines the roots of EDM music and at the same time continues to experiment with the genre tells tales about his versatility. The talented artist has recently released two brand new songs to make his fans fall in love even more. After listening to the tracks ‘Sunrise in Beijing‘, and ‘Attention‘ one time, it becomes really hard to put it down again as it instantly captivates the listeners with its dynamic composing elements.

‘Sunrise in Beijing’ will be the perfect song for you if you love and prefer a chill vibe. However, the elastic bass is definitely the prime element of the track. On the other hand, if you are a fan of dark EDM, then ‘Attention’ is going to be that song that always stays in your playlist. This explains the versatility of the Queensland dj, as he has something different for every kind of EDM lover. Stream the tracks along with his previous releases like ‘Electro Warping’, ‘Mad Freakquency’, ‘And attention! Sweeping Voltage’, ‘Two Days One Night Dj Live Set’ on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. For more updates, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and his website.

To listen to more songs, simply visit the given below link:

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