Retroboom: 90’s Makeup Trends That Are Coming Back in 2024

The makeup and fashion industry is highly influenced by retro styles and trends. Let’s find out the top 10 millennial trends that are coming back in 2024. 

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“90s” is not just a time but an emotion to many and more than people are nostalgic about it, they are actually living in it. There is a retroboom around the business and lifestyle trends that mimics a lot of the 90s. Starting from clothing, food, makeup, and fashion to art and cultural approaches; the retro influence can be witnessed in every avenue.

It is more noticeable in the make-up and fashion industry as fashion and beauty back in the 90s were bold and proud. While there is a trend of muted styles with a thing for ‘Aesthetics’, people are going back to the old trends where they could embrace themselves in an unapologetic way. Top designers and makeup artists are focusing on the signature makeup and look from the 90s as their inspiration to work on and come up with something new. In the era that gave people movies like ‘Toxic’ and ‘Sex and The City’, there was a glam quotient in every personality. As a result, the quintessential ’90s vibe is being embraced by Gen Z.

If you are looking forward to taking your cool meter a notch higher, let’s explore some of the millennial makeup trends that are coming back in 2024 again.

  1. The Blue Eyeshadow is Back

Blue Eyeshadow is considered to be a hallmark of ‘90s makeup trends and it could be widely seen among the actresses as well as top models. The daring application of makeup utilized vibrant hues to embrace each personality. Forget the subtle swipes and become the trendsetter with some daring colors. Today’s role models are layering their eyes with different shades of turquoise, cobalt, and azure to create a statement. They apply it on a larger patch that starts from the lash line to the brow bone which makes it look more iconic and bold.

  1. Clear Gloss & Lip Liner

The iconic combination of clear gloss and lip liner created a huge buzz back in the ‘90s and now, it is making an epic comeback. Back in the beauty scene, this combination is being handled with added layers of creativity which makes it look effortlessly chic on everyone, regardless of the complexion. When natural lip shades are blended with clear gloss they offer a glass like look when perfectly contoured.

  1. Brown Liner and Sophisticated Mascara

Brown liner and mascara are getting back in the makeup bags with their simple yet powerful appearance. The combination offers a sleek and elegant look which goes pretty well with all kinds of outfits. It offers a softer alternative to classic black and creates an intimidating calm and graceful look. This retro trend helps ti embrace the natural beauty present in every person’s appearance. There is subtle warmth in the look that requires no drama.

  1. Why Not a Bit of Heavy Blush?

Blush is itself a very ‘90s thing the millennial people used it much. Other than the natural flush, the boldness of the retro makeup was not afraid to use a hefty dose of blush. Starting from actresses to supermodels, a generous amount of blush on the cheekbones could be seen on everyone. Utilizing vibrant pigments like pink and peach, the blush applicant is creating a statement in the fashion trends of 2024. This look offers a style that is both retro and refreshingly modern.

  1. Glitter Lips and Eyes

Glitter is not just an element for children’s craft but it can bring out the unicorn in you. Adding a bit of sparkle to your makeup is a very ‘90s thing. But it is back and this time it is being heavily used in the fashion and entertainment industry. Your glitter-drenched eye lids and lips can shine bright even on the darkest days, creating an intimidating aura that makes you stand out in the crowd. It is playful, and bold and can tantalize your look; making it party-ready for every occasion.

  1. Ombre Lips with Depth & Dimension

The Ombre lips utilize a gradient color effect which looks visually stunning. Utilizing colors in two complimenting tones is a great way to add more depth and dimension to your makeup. This trend started back in the ‘90s and now coming back in 2024 again. It starts with a dark-toned lip-liner that fades into a different colored lipstick and it can be one or two. It offers a multifaceted look which versatile, and admirable and offers a more artsy overall appearance.

  1. Timeless Sultry Smokey Eyes

The sultry smokey eyes are never gone from fashion and it has always offered an alluring gaze in makeup. In 2024, the smokey eyes are back with a softer edge where it blends with greys, browns, and other softer shades like mauve in order to create a sophisticated smokey look that makes you party-ready. It offers a very chic look which goes great with dresses and night events.

  1. Elevated Lashes and Feathered Brows

The use of fake lashes is reduced to a point where it is out of fashion now. Instead, models are utilizing elevated natural lashes which look more organic and wholesome. It offers a soft natural glam look that goes with all kinds of outfits whether wearing casual or a dress at the party. Similarly, people are hailing natural brows instead of plucking them away. With worship to natural beauty features, feathered brows are the latest trend in makeup just like the retro era.

  1. Geometric Liners

Eyeliners are the base of every eye makeup up and they can help you elevate your overall look. The classic trend of wearing geometric liners is back in the industry again with a hefty use of wingtips, and graphic and geometric patterns. These shapes and patterns help to create a bold and unapologetic look while adding a retro edge to it. Somebody said it can also offer a ‘feline’ edge to it.

  1. Play with the Colors

Makeup can be very fun and experimental when you know how to use all the colors. Just like the ‘90s, this generation is also not afraid to make experiments and so, color play is the new thing that is going on in the fashion and entertainment industry. By utilizing pop colors on nail-paint, lipstick, liner, and shadows; it is adding a more creative edge in the regular makeup trends. The best part is that everyone can participate in this look, regardless of teenagers to the revered models.

Find your own aesthetic and makeup trend for 2024 and embrace the unapologetic queen in you.

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