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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York May 19, 2023 ( – Art Trends, the press office in charge of distributing press releases relating to the new trendy abstract painting, talks about the new artistic movement called extrasensory abstract expressionism of the founder Pablo T.

The News was received from the Art Catalogs of New York and Tokyo.
“The artist in question is a professional painter, inventor of extrasensory abstract art, a listed international master of contemporary painting and one of the most awarded artists in Europe, indicated by Asian art magazines as the inventor of the new abstract art called “extrasensory abstraction “, his works have been hosted in the most prestigious international and Italian modern art museums and galleries; he has important institutional exhibitions to his credit and a critical catalog which analyzes his most recent works. His art is appreciated and positioned in the contemporary art market with marked exponential growth. Pablo T is, therefore, the father of extrasensory abstract expressionism as indicated in several international and Italian catalogues. His most recent works are the most discussed, recognizable by their deep colors and unmistakable sign, even if chromatically different and original. The artist essentially uses two types of styles, in addition to material works that have an autonomous path. The first is what could be defined as the fan or radial style, where the artist with rapid but precise brushstrokes widens or narrows the trails of color, building a well-defined and recognizable set of lights and colors (for example the work ” The Doors”) or use the style in which he operates a dense cascade of colors, drippings, using water sprays, varnishes, oils, and spatulas, as well as marble or volcanic powders. These last works are very complex, have more material in the colors, very attractive. Pablo T therefore, in our opinion, elaborated a series of passages in several temporal and technical levels which have allowed him to arrive, now, at this innovative technique and at this psychedelic vision of abstract painting. An abstractionism therefore no longer an extreme attempt to exclude reality, but on the contrary an abstractionism full of meanings and signifiers through a work of color that leads to the most complex textures and plots, as if it wanted to deliver to the users a horizon that only they can discover. A painting that can be observed from two angles: as a whole and in its details. Only in this way will it be possible to try to rework a new concept of this branch of art. A further step is completed by the artist in less than a year. If we look at the fifty works analyzed from Asia in relation to the more recent ones, the artist has gone further, precisely creating a canvas capable of further astonishment.”

Cosmic energy 80x80The scratches of the soul 120x12021 grams of soul 50x100Evocative paths 70x80

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