How Small Habits Can Be the Reason for Bigger Changes?

Are you willing to change your habits? Or do you want to incorporate a new habit into your daily life? If yes, then this article will help you to achieve that, in 3 simple steps.

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Make every small step count and this is the only way you can allow yourself to grow for a better tomorrow whether you are vouching for better health or want to overcome a bad habit, starting small is the key. A person needs to have good habits if they are willing to have a sustainable and powerful dynamic with how they incorporate a healthy habit into their daily life or overcome a bad old habit. Everything can be possible if you have the right approach to it. In this article, you can learn theory which you can use in real life and change the habit. It is said, that little drops make the mighty ocean, and if you start with little steps within a year you will be able to see the difference.

  • Why Small habits are more efficient?

Starting small is very important, if you are habituating your body with daily small habits rather than going for a huge one, the chances of success increase effectively. So if you want to quit drinking then you have to start with a minimized number of friends you will drink with. If you want to quit smoking then you will have to start by cutting down first, and going on a cigarette budget and sticking to it might help you to do it. Similarly, if you want to start working out every day you must start with simple stretches for 5 minutes every day. But if you follow these simple steps then you can easily incorporate a new habit in your daily life.

  • How to Build a Habit in Three Simple Steps:
  1. Pick a tiny habit – first, choose a habit and promise yourself that you will perform the habit at least for 30 seconds to one minute. 30 seconds might seem negligible but this is very important mentally. Your body won’t repel you from doing it if you think of it as ‘Just 30 Seconds’.
  2. Connect that new habit to an existing habit – this is an important step, you brush your teeth every day you also make your coffee every day, you can associate your new habit with an existing habit in this way you can it simpler and easier to follow.
  3. Determine a reward – to create a positive impact on your mind of this newly acquired habit you will have to offer yourself some reward.

For instance, if start going for a walk every day even for five minutes appreciate your efforts and say it out loud. Self-affirmations like “Impressive! I’m doing great” will help you to feel more enthusiastic about the new habit. Not everyone will compliment your success you need your cheerleader and every time do something positive you will have to appreciate your efforts.

These are simple steps that will help you to gain a new habit and move forward in life for better success. Adding 30 seconds or 5 minutes to a new habit will not disturb your packed schedule but it surely will allow you to grow for better health and future.

  • Examples of Small Habits

Here are some examples of daily habits that you can easily associate with an older habit.  Even if you doing 30 seconds of change or a 5 minutes change you will have to make sure that you appreciate your small steps. Reminding yourself that you will grow more and get better results surely will make you a happier person and the sense of success can be your turning point.

  • While your coffee is brewing you will perform 5 lunges
  • Or whenever you go to the toilet, you will perform 5 to 7 squats every time (especially if you have a desk job)
  • After you have bathed you will sit silently for a minute or two
  • Or right after you have brushed your teeth you will go for a 5-minute walk every day
  • While you put your phone to charge at night you will go to the kitchen and soak 5 almonds or take out any vitamins for the next morning
  • To overcome overeating you can you can put everything on your plate first then move to your table to eat. If you need something then you will have to go to the kitchen and take it out from the pan you have cooked it. Meal-prepping also helps you with this.
  • If your office is on the 5th floor don’t take a lift use the stairs

These are some examples of small habits that you can incorporate in your daily life and after a few conscious trials, you will able to acquire a new habit that will help you to achieve better health and a more energetic life. To acquire any habit you will have to first follow the aforementioned steps to acquire a habit.

You have limitless power and if you are willing to change then you have to count on simple steps. This is high time to harness your possibilities into reality. To have a more profound impression on your daily life then you will have to work on these habits. To work on your weight loss plan you need to have a plan where you can gain health and small steps to gain more muscle and better health will get you in shape, if that is your aim. You can start it by installing an app on your phone which will track your steps and measure your daily activities, you can also invest in a fit band to measure your activity level.

Everyone has different parameters, thresholds, and resilience levels, and based on that they will be quicker or slower with their journey. Acquiring a habit is not a competition, if a YouTube content creator said that they did it in 6 months then you might do it in a year or two or you can complete your journey within 3 months. So, be prepared for your journey don’t compare and experience every single achievement.

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