Bachelor Party Ideas & Activities in Minnesota You Cannot Miss

If you are planning your wedding soo and from Minnesota, you don’t need to go foreign to have an amazing bachelor party! Here are some things you should see.

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Weddings bear a great change in everyone’s life. Starting from the wedding shopping to the preparations, to the actual function, both families come together and share their collective joy. But do you know what makes weddings fun and memorable? Especially for the bride and groom? Well, it is one hell of a bachelor’s party! If you are someone who is tying the knot soon and lives in Minnesota, then you have a chance to make your bachelor’s party the most memorable one! And for that to happen, you don’t even have to go outside of the state. Minnesota has so much to offer, including some fun and unique experiences that are perfect for a bachelor’s party. Here is a detailed list of activities and fun ideas for your bachelor’s party.

Why should you have your bachelor’s party in Minnesota?

Before moving forward with the ideas and activities, let’s get into why you should host your bachelor’s party in the state. Minnesota is full of exciting and fun ideas for your party, and they are budget-friendly too.

  • Staying local – if you are originally from Minnesota, then there is no reason to go outside and enjoy a bachelor’s party. Staying in your own state will save you a lot of money, especially on gifts, flights, hotels, food, and more. A bonus point would be that this state is generally more affordable than others in the country. You can spend the money that you have saved during this party on your upcoming wedding budget, or even some extra cash for the exciting honeymoon!
  • Easy scheduling – Your bachelor’s party will only be fun when it is joined by your very close, and fun-loving friends. But in reality, we are all busy with our complex personal and professional lives. Getting everyone on the same page for the weekend party is already difficult. Staying in Minnesota will make it easier for you and your friends, saving them traveling time.
  • Inviting more local friends – staying local for your bachelor’s party can help you extend the invitations to more friends. Instead of needing everyone to plan a weekend outside or take time and make a schedule to reach a far-away destination, you can just let everyone know to stop by for the night out or during the weekend.
  • No taking time off work – Not everyone has a flexible work schedule or has the choice of endless PTO. And on top of that, you need your friends to be free during thousands of planned functions at your wedding. Staying local will allow your friends not to miss their work and still enjoy your special day with you.

Now that you know what the benefits of staying in Minnesota for your bachelor’s party, let’s move into the fun activities and exciting ideas for your special day!

  1. Camping Up North

If you and your friends are a group of adventure enthusiasts then what could be better than going off-grid camping for a whole weekend?! Not just camping, you will have the chance to go canoeing, and living outdoors, and the most exciting thing is all of these are available in Minnesota itself! You can plan your camping up North, from Boundary Waters to Voyageurs. But make sure to get the campsites well in advance, especially when you have a specific one in mind. At the same time, also make sure that your group is all prepared and suited for an adventure like this and give them a heads up ahead of time. When you think about it, camping is not just super fun but leaves you with such good memories, exactly how you would want on your bachelor’s weekend.

  1. Brewery hopping in the Twin Cities

If you absolutely cannot imagine your bachelor’s party without some alcohol, then visiting breweries in town would make the perfect choice for you. In Minnesota, you will have the ideal opportunity to go for brewery hopping, with so many breweries around the twin cities. This hopping will make it a fun and memorable experience and you can spend the entire weekend full of beer with pals. But to make it a responsible one, make sure to book a hotel somewhere in Minneapolis or St. Paul and arrange for transportation so that no one is drinking and driving. Mpa out all the best breweries around the twin cities beforehand and if you want to mix things up, you can also add other fun activities like ax throwing, bowing, or an escape room. A good suggestion would perhaps be the most iconic brewery in the Twin Cities that you will find is Surly Brewing Company. Other than this, you can also try Malcom Yards – the food hall with a self-serve tap wall, Indeed Brewing – the extremely fun taproom, and Insight Brewing & Taproom – a brewery that holds weekly events.

  1. Skiing or Snowboarding

If you are getting married in winter, then take full advantage of the season and host your bachelor’s party then. Or if you are a simple winter lover, you don’t need any excuse! Get the maximum of the weather and plan to go skiing or snowboarding. Minnesota offers exciting skiing and snowboarding experience and you with your pals would make the perfect addition to it. Look into ski resorts around the area offering affordable on-site accommodations. At the same time, you might want to look into nearby restaurants and bars to check out apres-ski. Afton Alps would be the closest option for you to plan a quick getaway, which is only about a half hour from downtown. Another great spot would be Lutsen which is about 3.5-4 hours from the cities and offers the perfect upnorth getaway. You could also try Spirit Mountain for a quick weekend trip, only a little over 2 hours’ drive from the cities.

  1. Renting a big house, cabin, or Airbnb

If your main goal is to spend time with your friends before you get married, then this is the perfect idea for you. Renting a place together and spending some alone time with your closest friends would be the ideal detox that you need before the big day. So you can rent a big house or a spacious cabin with enough space for the entire crew to make sure you all have a fun stay. This idea would probably be the most money-saving and the ideal one if you have friends coming from out of town. You would want to maximize the quality time you spend with your friends while minimizing cost. Make sure to grab some drinks, snacks, and groceries so you can spend the whole weekend watching movies, playing games, and just laughing it out.

  1. Plan your party at Duluth

If you want to get away from the big cities and spend some quality time with your friends, then Duluth would be the ideal spot for that. This port city has the benefit of being on Lake Superior while having great restaurants and amazing local food. The entire port city is filled with small-town charm, helping you and your friends relax for a bit, before the big event. So if you are looking for a more laid-back bachelor’s party, Duluth might be the alternative you need. Some Duluth bachelor party ideas to get you started include spending time in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. Here you can enjoy OMC Smokehouse, Bent Paddle Brewery, and Duluth Cider. You can also plan your relaxing stay at Canal Park where you spend the day eating at Grandmas and for the night stay, you can rent a room at the beautiful Canal Park Lodge. For a little more fun, spend your day kayaking on Lake Superior. Here you can enjoy the great outdoors while spending some relaxing yet exciting time on the water.

  1. Night Out Downtown

If you are in the mood to party and get hammered down, then having a night out Downtown would be the best choice for you. Minneapolis is known for being full of nightlife, which is perfect for a night out traditional bachelor party. So get dressed to the nines, and have some drinks with your pals, while enjoying a wild night out in the city. There are also plenty of luxury hotels if you want to splurge on a nice place for the bachelor’s weekend. Some of the cool spots for a perfect night out in Minnesota include The Pourhouse, the iconic prohibition-themed bar that hosts live music along with bottle service on weekends. There is also the Living Room, the swanky hotel bar presenting craft cocktails and hosting live DJs. If you are more of a whiskey person, then O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co. would be the perfect spot for you. It is a whiskey distillery offering even whiskey blending and cocktail-making classes.

Pick a cool spot, activity, and weekend that not only aligns with your taste but also with your crew. Enjoy your bachelor’s party in Minnesota!

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