PR Distribution within Budget: What is the Cheapest Way to do a Press Release?

Are you wondering what is the cheapest way to do a press release? Let’s find out the top agencies that are well-received in the market for their affordable PR distribution services.

What is the Cheapest Way to do a Press Release?

Press release is perhaps the most important tool for any company across the industry. Not just a tool for PR campaigns but it also helps in marketing, improves brand exposure and awareness, boosts sales and growth, brings more customers and the list goes on. Clearly, a press release comes with a handful of robust benefits that can be advantageous for any kind of business, whether small-scale or a bigger organization.

While press releases can yield a positive return on investment, a lot of business owners want to know, what is the cheapest way to do a press release? The budget plays a vital role based on which a company can be aggressive with its distribution campaigns. However, it is not possible if you hire an agency that offers packages with a steep price or does not consider a discount when ordering a bulk package. Since the industry is filled with numerous PR agencies; it gets a little daunting to compare and choose. Check out the top 10 most affordable PR agencies in the market for a better idea.

1. IssueWire

Being one of the top and most reliable PR agencies in the market, IssueWire has become a favorite choice for any. This PR writing and distribution agency is well-revered for offering the most effective and affordable press release service in the market ranging from $21 to $65 only. Yet is capable of offering guaranteed placement on the top tier news and media platforms. It has a humongous distribution network with over 300+ platforms and numerous journalists. As a result, the company can help other businesses find potential clients regardless of the industry. Reasonable, effective, and reliable; the agency can help everyone whether a newly established startup or a well-established business. The company possesses over a decade of experience and empowers numerous clients with PR benefits.

2. is another popular name in the field for its affordable packages that offer significant media coverage. Established back in 2017, the company thrives on empowering everyone within their budget. Due to its highly reasonable packages and effectiveness of distribution; the company is connected with multiple prestigious news sites such as Mint, HuffPost, Today, and TMCnet. The Pro distribution plan starts from $299 only and it offers a huge impact with over 600 news sites included in the network.

3. GlobeNewswire

This PR agency was built back in the ‘90s and since then, it has made some significant progress with its news and press release services. Considered the titan of the press release distribution world, this agency has been reigning in the industry for a long time now. It has set new industry standards for other agencies as well. The company offers the most affordable PR packages and the most memorable user experience. Currently, the company operates over 158 countries and is capable of offering customers is almost any language.


HARO Stands for Help a Reporter Out which is a standard platform for most experts, bands, and journalists. The company was launched back in 2008 and since then, it has changed the scene for pitching to journalists. More than 75,000 journalists work in the New York Branch and they know exactly how to attract other journalists from the niche.

5. PRLog

Well, if you are looking for something free yet unique; PRLog is the name for the task. This company provides free PR distribution services in order to empower other businesses. It has a basic website and is capable of offering cost-effective solutions. Any business organization can make free submissions to the PRLog site without any worries about the budget. The platform also offers services for industry listings, customizable alerts, SEO web pages, and many others.

6. Meltwater

Meltwater is considered to be the world’s first online media monitoring company which was founded back in 2001. The agency provides a wide array of services for social analytics and sales intelligence. Other than the regular distribution through news and media platforms, this company also provides a unique influencer distribution service which helps to create more personalized reach in the market. Operating in over 120 countries, the company has a total of 27,000 customers and the numbers are increasing daily.

7. Business Wire

Business Wire is another popular PR agency that possesses a huge network. The company can provide you local, national, and global exposure with the help of media outlets. The company targets a relevant and credible audience base including the people who are working in public relations, public policy, and investor relations. These people can help to spread the news even further among the niche. It provides more than 200 trade categories and industries to choose from. Currently, it is working in over 160 countries and empowering clients with the most affordable PR packages.

8. PR Newswire

This agency is a veteran member in the PR industry which has been empowering clients for more than 65 years now. It is a huge network that includes more than 440,000 journalists, media outlets, as well as modern-day influencers. Due to such a prolific network; the company can provide a massive outreach within a very cost-effective budget. Cater to their customers’ needs; the customer care service is 24*7 active to offer guidance and solve any problem that occurs. Users can also track their orders.


Well, Cision is practically the father of PR Newswire as the company owns it. The company is hailed as the master of press release distribution as it is also revered for offering other services that empower a business such as Communications Cloud Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Making data-driven decisions. While offering affordable services, the company can also help you create a deeper bond with content creators, journalists, as well as investors from the niche.

10. PRWeb

PRWeb is another revered name in the field that boasts 25 years of experience in driving web traffic. This PR agency offers a wide toolkit that can empower both, the brands and the individuals. On this platform, users can find other benefits like analytics reporting, proofreading, 24*7 active customer service, SEO perks, and the list goes on.

Concluding Thoughts

There are numerous benefits of press release distribution for a business and it is recommended to hire an agency from the top 10 list mentioned above as they are best in the field. Hire an agency and see the change.


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