Join ‘The Journey’ With George Drummer to Find a Story of Perseverance

Are you looking for a captivating book experience? George Drummer’s ‘The Journey’ can offer you that along with an escape from reality with a fictional approach.

The Journey

Offering readers a captivating reading experience, talented author George Drummer has come up with his brand new book ‘The Journey’. This book is masterfully crafted with a blend of fiction and reality that shows the journey and perseverance of a puppy named George. Creative, intriguing, and highly emotive; this book captivates readers of all ages and tastes. The author has done an incredible job by offering a story of morphosis while defining the importance of perseverance and resilience on the way. In this story, George the puppy gets lost from his owner Brian and Brian’s daughter Jennifer as well whom he loved the most. With a determination to go back to his owner again; George embarks on a new journey and finds himself witnessing some remarkable abilities of humans. Perfectly justifying the title, the story proceeds to numerous adventurous experiences and finally reaches Brian.

Throughout various experiences, George gains many human abilities which makes him more of a human and less of a dog. It is not just a story of perseverance but also acceptance of own self and others which helps to embrace love. After George returns to his new owner Brian with the help of his friend and old owner; the biggest struggle is Brian’s acceptance of his long-lost puppy who is not a dog anymore. He is a member of the family now. ‘The Journey’ is truly a mesmerizing creation by George Drummer and the author is all set to bring more books under the series. Follow him on Facebook and his website to know more.

The book is available here:

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