10 Times DC Simply Copied Already-Popular Marvel Characters

One or two might be a coincidence but 15 times DC has copied Marvel characters putting them in a different character arc. Let’s learn all about these 15 characters.

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If there is the highest limit of “flattery is the highest form of imitation” is considerable, then what DC has done for these characters is absolutely justifiable. Marvel and DC both are highly popular publishers of online comics. Starting from super-powerful main characters, they also have introduced equally powerful villains; these two publishing houses have been widely popular amongst many comic enthusiasts. Both of them have their separate fan base, but in these 15 instances, they have crossed the limit with facsimile capabilities.

  1. Wasp – Bumblebee

The DC rip-off of Marvel’s Wasp is Bumblebee. The name Karen Beecher remains at the start of Teen Titans but in 1976 Bumblebee was introduced with a similar sort of character arc and with similar color patterns. Even the power remained the same as it can also shrink down to the size of a wasp, proving that power can come in small packages as well. Wasp emerged in the year 1963 and Bumblebee was introduced in 1977, proving it is a Marvel-influenced character.

  1. Ghost Rider – Atomic Skull

DC’s Atomic Skull is a lot like Ghost Rider. The difference is in the purple fire that comes out of the head of Atomic Skull instead of the regular sort of fire. Even the iconic motorcycle also stayed in the DC spin-off of Ghost Rider. In 1978 Atomic Skull was introduced by DC whereas Ghost Rider was introduced by Marvel long before that.

  1. Black Panther – Red Lion

Marvel’s beloved T’Challa turns into Red Lion for DC. The African President-for-life character arc of Buredunia also shares African origin. With ferocious instinct and click combat skills, he will terrify his enemies and the threats to his nation. Black Panther emerged as the head of the African nation of Wakanda in 1966, while Red Lion was introduced much later.

  1. Scarlet Witch – Zatanna

Zatanna Zatara first debuted in the November of 1964 and 6 months before that Marvel’s Scarlet Witch made her debut. Raven-haired Zatanna Zatara has dissimilarities with redhead Scarlet Witch, but it is as slight as the difference in their hair color yet with similar sort of powers and bad guy turned into good guy character trajectory. They both possess hypnotic beauty and have a dramatic flair and enigma to their appearances.

  1. Electro – Black Lightning

The inner-city vigilante, Jefferson Pierce first appeared in the year 1977 and Electro made its debut over 13 years before that. Just like Electro Black Lightning also had the power of electricity with fineness. Yet, being an educator the personality of Black Lightning has more wisdom and strength but, it is a direct copy of Electro. Electro first emerged as a villain in Amazing Spiderman without disclosing his true identity of Maxwell Dillion.

  1. The Lizard – Killer Croc

Being a high-profile criminal, Killer Croc is Batman’s one of the most challenging enemies. He was a human born with several reptile-like features and nature. These traits have manifested comprehensively in its character arc with DC comics. Killer Croc has thick scales, razor-like teeth, and very sharp claws along with other animalistic traits bound to make him a formidable foe. While The Lizard appeared in the Marvel comics much before Killer Croc appeared in DC #523. Marvel introduced The Lizard in 1963 with similar sort of features and he first appeared as a scientist named Dr. Curt Conner after an experiment went wrong he became the beast.

  1. Wolverine – Lobo and Ripclaw

In 1974 Wolverine first appeared for Marvel as James Howlett or Logan. The mutant child with his gruff exterior made him one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel universe in Incredible Hulk. Whereas, DC by far has made two unsuccessful attempts to recreate this magnificent character. With DC’s Lobo they have wanted to focus on the outer or his physical appearance and with Ripclaw they have tried to indulge in the Logan-level anger issues along with his razor-sharp claws and his origin story. DC’s rip-off of sick-of-life mercenary appeared first in the 90’s.

  1. Winter Soldier – Red Hood

In 2005, Marvel introduced Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes or James Buchanan Barnes was a long-time friend of Steve Rogers the extremely popular Marvel character, Captain America. In 2005 they made his character to more than just a friend following orders in a war-torn society. DC created a similar character to Red Hood in the same year. They also brought a sentimental angel to the story of Jason Todd and brought him back as Red Hood as a sidekick of Batman. While the character of Red Hood had his edginess it was nothing in front of Marvel’s Winter Soldier. The propulsion of Winter Soldier witnessed immense popularity across many countries, yet DC matched up with the craze with a charming plot twist.

  1. Iron Man – Rocket Red

DC’s Rocket Red first emerged in the year 1987 but 24 years before this character emerged, Marvel offered a similar character in their formidably popular Iron Man. Rocket Red was one of the nationalists wearing a shield and shielding his nation from any possible meta-human threats. Whereas Iron Man is also shielding his nation from any sort of extraterrestrial intimidation or any sort of force. Yet, the origin story of billionaire Tony Stark becoming Iron Man resonated with the audience more than DC’s Rocket Red did. Rocket Red does have a similar mechanism to Iron Man, but Iron Man has inspired generations with its charming character arc.

  1. Hulk – Doomsday

DC’s bold move to create the “abomination that killed” Superman might have had a similar sort of impression when it first launched its Doomsday in 1992 with their Superman: The Man of Steel. Yet, Hulk emerged over 30 years before the launch of Doomsday. In Superman, Doomsday is described as an artificially created Kryptonian beast that evolves and grows stronger every time someone tries to put an end to the beast. Whereas, Hulk is a man with intense anger issues and he is cursed to unleash the savage behemoth every time he gets angry. Following a similar character arc, Bruce Banner or Hulk too was introduced to grow stronger each time they faced their misfortune.

  • Marvel’s Man-Thing and DC’s Swamp Thing appeared in their respective comic series two months apart.
  • Imperiex was introduced in Superman in 2000 while Galactus appeared in Marvel Comics 34 years before the launch of Imperiex.
  • Just like Wolverine DC has tried to reemerge Captain America two times and both of the attempts to launch Guardian and Commander Steel failed miserably. Captain America emerged in 1941 and DC’s Captain America rip-off came in 1978.
  • Being one of the most celebrated Marvel Super Superheroes Spider-Man has always been extremely popular across the world, while DC’s introduction of Black Spider has some refreshing ideas; hence it also goes without witnessing the popularity.
  • Namor the Sub-Mariner appeared in Marvel Comics in 1939 and for DC, Aquaman got its solo movie in 2018 after the success of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

If you are a comic enthusiast, then you must have indulged in word battles to focus on which comic publications produce the best comics. While DC lovers love the enigma and the gravity of each of their characters on the other hand Marvel is popular for its mass popularity. Yet, this particular piece shows how Marvel has emerged with some of the most popular characters whereas DC has been lagging behind to offer authentic character arcs in many cases. Though, DC also has some highly charming characters yet, these 15 times they might not have been as successful as they are habituated with.

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