10 Scariest Roads in India: Known as the Driver’s Nightmare

Here are the 10 scariest roads in India which have turned into Driver’s Nightmare, yet due to the serene beauty of these places people don’t seem to get over these fascinating routes.

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India is a country with much diversity and mountains and high roads are also a part of this magnificent diversified nature. While these mountains provide the most serene beauty that seems like a dream, sometimes they deliver roads that can be a nightmare for every driver and sometimes travelers as well. This article is all for pointing out the 10 most sacristies roads in India with the most number of landslides and death reports. On one hand, these roads are truly fascinating to experience on the other hand these roads are something only experienced drivers can daunt to steer through. The condition of roads in India is very poor, mostly in the higher altitude part due to snow and rain, these roads get damaged easily.

  1. Khardungla Pass
  • Highest Motorable Road of the World

In Ladakh, this route was once known as the Silk Route, one of the thriving business routes between India and China. The road is located at a height of 5,602 m above the sea-level. The road is not paved well which makes it difficult for drivers to navigate in this road. Moreover, the road also has several hairpin turns and due to the ice mixed with dirt, the road is very slippery which makes it prone to accidents.

  1. Kishtwar Kailash Highway
  • Sharp Turns, No Guard Rails, and Overhanging Cliffs

On the extremely eastern side of Jammu, you will find this heavily windy road. The road has a 150 m belt with no rails which has made this road extremely hard for drivers to go through. This belt of the road also has an overhanging cliff which makes it impossible for larger vehicles to move through.

  1. Killar – Kishtwar Route
  • A facsimile of the Highway of Kishtwar Kailash

This road is in Pangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh. The Killar – Kishtwar Route has guards along with overhanging hills with extremely sharp turns. The road is narrow and it is very hard to drive on this road.

  1. Zoji La Pass
  • Landslide Prone

This road is located between Ladakh and Kashmir, only 9 kilometers away from Sonmarg. Situated at an altitude of 3,538 m above sea level, the road is very slim and extremely slippery. During the rainy seasons, it gets extremely muddy which sometimes leads to landslides as well. As it has the most landslide record, it is considered one of the scariest roads in India.

  1. Chang La Pass
  • World’s 3rd Highest Motorable Route

This is found between Leh in the Ladakh region and Pangong Lake, situated at 5,360 m above sea level. The road remains covered in snow throughout the year. Due to snow, the road remains slippery all the time. The high altitude makes it hard to breathe. This is the third highest motorable road in the world.

  1. NH 22 Kinnaur Road
  • These Hard rock cuts lead to Kinnaur

Starting in the Kinnaur region this road is also known as the NH 22. The infamous Taranda Dhank has claimed many lives. The low-hanging rocks, blind turns, narrow dark holes, and due to other aspects this has become extremely deadly for drivers and travelers. One mistake and the driver would end up in the Baspa River. Not just the fall the sharp turns can lead to collision as well.

  1. Rohtang Pass
  • The Ground of Many Corpses

This road is located 53 kilometers from Manali towards Leh. The road is situated 3,979 m above sea level; this is one of the most popular gateways from Manali to Leh and Spiti Valley. The entire route is 479 km long and extremely dangerous. The snow-covered road is land-slide prone and also very slippery. This region has enclosed mountains on both sides of the road.

  1. Nathula Pass
  • The Pass of the Listening Ears

This road is situated 54 km away from the Capital of Sikkim Gangtok near Tsomgo Lake and is very close to the eastern Indo-Chinese border. This slippery and curved road is also prone to landslides and gets very slugged in monsoon and winter.

  1. Neral – Matheran Road
  • Sharp Turns and Slippery Roads

Located in the Raigad District, Maharashtra, this road starts at Neral and goes for 8.9 km to Matheran. The road starts at a 40 m elevation above the sea level which grows up to 800 m above the sea level. This spike has offered some of the most dangerous turns and bends. The narrow width of the road also makes it very hard for the drivers to travel through it. This road is also extremely slippery due to the weather in Maharashtra. Landslides are rare but, the fear doesn’t get away from the minds of the divers.

  1. Sela Pass
  • Curvy Leisurely Road to might lead to Hell

Sela Pass is located in the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh. This road connects Tawang Town, a Buddhist city to Tezpur and Guwahati. Situated at an elevation of 4,170 m above sea level, this is a high mountain pass that has a winding design which turns out to be widely difficult for drivers to steer through the road. The curves and the sharp turns are very slippery and can be fatal for people. The road is covered in snow most of the time of the year making it harder for drivers. On this road, you will find many signs saying to drive slow to avoid any formidable outcome for you and the people on board. Yet, this fatal road has the most beautiful and panoramic view which draws travelers to this place.

Regarding the conditions of these roads, the Indian government has already started to invest to make newer and lesser threatening roads but, there’s a lot more to be done. It is reported that INR 97,000 crore is going to fund this change but, in some places, the work is actually taking place. Yet, the budget was announced in 2016 and it has been over 7 years the conditions of these roads remain the same. Yet, travelers are hopeful to stand witness to this change in the near future. Indians are very travel-thirsty people and it can be hard for the military as well to conduct properly if the roads are not mended in the near future. Regarding the geo-political condition of this country, making better roads should be one of their main agendas, especially in these remote and high-altitude locations.

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