This Cardi B and Beyonce Viral Video will cheer you up in the horrible condition raised by Corona pandemic

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A new video is made by the dual efforts of Cardi B and Beyonce that has got viral and become  The Coronavirus Anthem You Need — Thanks To DJ IMarkkeyzThe idea came from Cardi B last week when the whole world is panicked about the widespread infection. She earlier shocked the fans by showing her real hair and now she is on Instagram all ranting on the outbreak of Coronavirus. The video went viral and even got viewers in China. Neither she rapped nor danced in the video. She just stated what she felt about this bizarre spread of the virus from China to the shore of America in a few days. The whole situation is so messed up and pray for immunity against Covid-19 to all of her fans and supporters.

When her video has been shared numerous times on all social media, the fascinating DJ iMarkkeyz who is famous for making viral songs and remixes captures the video and turned it into a viral rap song. This way it has become the anthem of the fighters who dare Coronavirus with a flick and by maintaining all the hygienic protocols to keep themselves safe. People are seen to upload dance videos on the viral Corona anthem made by Cardi B.

When DJ iMarkkeyz merges up two trending songs of Beyonce and Cardi B, the remix hit more than 71000 likes in a few hours making it viral.

In the official video that Cardi B posted on her Instagram with 60.4 million Instagram followers that made the video viral in the first place. She looked amazing in her golden dress which complimented her curves in every way. Her blue painted long nails with the stylist blond wig made her look amazing. Though she showed her concerns about the affected people of Wuhan but she did not mention whether her wig came from China. She confirms that she is very scared of the Corona pandemic just like any normal person.

The Dj did not only post the viral video he made from Beyonce and Cardi B, iMarkkeyz made other remixes and shared on his Instagram to make them viral videos. This viral video is all we have got now to stay brave and get some entertainment out of it.

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