The new Business Verification services have every automated tool needed for compliance officers to ensure a company’s safety (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Kaunas, Kauno Jun 16, 2022 ( – The digital identity verification and fraud prevention startup from Lithuania, iDenfy, broke down the news about its approach to Know Your Business (KYB). From now […]

Talk about emerging favorite authors, Tyeshia Sturgis is making great strides in the fantasy genre. The talented author has already earned a 5-star seal for her latest supernatural novel FLIRTING WITH DARKNESS, from Reader’s Favorite Awards. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Lexington, Kentucky Jun 12, 2022 ( – The author’s new book receives a warm […]

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- San Francisco, California Jun 10, 2022 ( – Magic is a flexible, on-demand workforce solution that’s shaking up how businesses outsource tasks. It’s powered by vetted, college-educated remote workers experienced in admin, sales, marketing, and customer support best practices. A fully remote Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital-backed startup, Magic can […]

  (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Apr 20, 2022 ( – Good makeup that is also convenient to use is hard to find these days. Internationally-famed makeup brand, Soda has launched a unique new creation for both lips and cheeks that comes in a single product named Cheekylips. It is a water-based […]

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Chennai, Tamil Nadu Jun 5, 2022 ( – Nagudharan a Freelance writer, marketer, and digital products creator, has announced a new update towards the Prezentar which will launch this June 2022. Video Creators, Webinars makers, and Presentation slide designers can leverage the inbuilt templates that Prezentar has to save time. […]

June 6th 2022 – 9 Rare Character NFT’s On OpenSea (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Jun 2, 2022 ( – London-based Marzian Studios Ltd., the creators of The Marzians, announces their next release from their storyboard which consists of only 9 NFTs of their 6 main characters and the “Humanz” they admire.  […]

Panda-NFT Marketplace supports the trading of digital collections and is similar to a digital collection “exchange”, fully igniting the entrepreneurial passion of digital collection players at home and abroad. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Dover, Delaware Jun 2, 2022 ( – As the global digitalization process accelerates, blockchain technology matures, and the NFT trading market exceeds $100 billion in volume, NFT […]