Mike Johnson Sprinkle More News On The Romance With Demi Lovato And Says How Good A Kisser She Is


At the initial stages of his romantic relation with Demi Lovato, Mike Johnson kept his silence intact. But with time passing by as the love blossomed between the two as the two came close to each other more details are sprinkled by Mike as Mike Johnson Spills More Details On Demi Lovato Romance.

Bachelor Nation has got a fan in Demi who watches both the Bachelorette as well as the Bachelor. When Hannah Brown rejected Mike Johnson’s offer to play the ‘third queen’, it was posted on Instagram by the pop star about her interest.

Almost two years ago, the decade-long romance of the 26 year old ended with Wilmer Valderrama. Right after that, she had an affair with , Henry Levy, the bad boy where her mother intervened and it was an alleged staging of intervention so that she is not harmed by the ill influence as she was dating just after the relapse and wanted her to stay away.

The fatal incident happened a year back as Demi got a clearance to date. And there is no one better than Mike Johnson, right.

The portfolio manager who is 31 year old and handsome has an edge which is very exciting and is looking great on paper. The two went for a date after a flirty post was exchanged on Instagram as the encounter was kept a secret; Mike is now showing it to the world.

He spoke about the song sorry Not sorry as he stopped by the podcast almost Famous.

According to him, they went on numerous dates and her tattoos were liked by him as they both had a lot of tattoos. He further went on to say that Demi had more tattoos. He again said that she kisses very well.

The reality star was smitten by her when he went on to reveal how he felt when the first move was made by Lovato. He said that he is love-struck by her. Lovato made the first aggression which is very sexy according to him. He was infatuated with the aggression of love as he was possessed by her.

According to some fans, Mike’s gesture was very cute. Wendy Williams in her show said that Mike should not talk so much about their flirtationship.

What is your take on the revelation made by Mike?


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