Victor Cruz has found an easy way to describe what racism is to his young daughter


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Victor Cruz was seen to be interviewed by Daily Pop on E! News and he expressed his thoughts about the recent incident where George Floyd was killed. The people of Minnesota are raging against such oppression and the celebrity could not hide his concerns about the current protests everywhere. The interview took a serious turn when he opened his mouth to discuss the color discrimination and police brutality in the 1st world countries. Pop of the Morning’s Victor Cruz Reveals How He Explained What Racism Is To His 8-Year-Old Daughter in the interview.

It is not always comfortable to describe racism to a young mind but Victor has overcome that phase. Victor has been a great father and that is apparent from his father-daughter related posts on the internet. The whole world is seeking justice for George Floyd and the protests are going everywhere, becoming newsflash since the affliction took place. All this chaos and rage has impacted his little girl of 8 years and ended up having an awkward conversation about racism in the first place. To break the whole situation down to her, Victor Cruz had to introduce to a complicated world she was not ready for and talked about racial inequality.

He revealed in the interview that it puzzled him at first on the thought of how to even start the conversation with such a young kid about this. Then he started with the things his daughter had already seen in the video like how George Floyd was pinned to the ground by the police officer holding his heavy knee on George’s neck. He described his daughter why the police kept him on the ground but the difficult part was to find the answer when she asked why the police did not take his knee off his neck.

This could not be explained simply because what we watched in that video was nothing but murder. To answer her innocent query, he had to mention her the context to the murder.

The real concern was racism that he thought he should let his daughter know because things did not really change in America. After witnessing such a painful sight, it became his duty to protect his daughter by clarifying what society thinks.

So, the celebrity father went on explaining to his 8-year-old beautiful daughter that she might face challenges for her skin color as she would start to grow. She is a young black queen and the people will sometime dislike her for her dark skin tone and the roots she has come from.

Victor said that he could sense little Kennedy’s confusion at first. But the confusions are up in the smoke now as she has learned a lot from the past few days’ news and the 101 conversation with her father helped her to understand the real picture behind this brutality.

The former NFL mentioned that he was happy to guide his daughter into the right light to protect her from getting hurt out of innocence. The reality was different for him and his mother where they had to kind of learn on the fly and adapt to the subjugated society without any other option. Kennedy is lucky to have her dad around her to guide her through the messy world.

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