New Classes And Characters Are Announced By Tears Of Avia To Explore The RPG Set In The Fantastic World


A new turn-based strategy is explored for the RPG set in the fantastic world. PQube has got another adventure with the RPG style that comes from the works of the developer of CooCooSqueaky. The adventure game of the Tears of Avia is very much up coming and their charismatic cast of characters is finally shared for this adventure game of RPG. They are preparing for a skill system that is vast and has got a beautiful world with a fantastical story and it is soon coming to Xbox One and PC.

The game takes immense pride in itself, in their niche ability to combine within a five-class structure that has got hundreds of skills. The abilities are customized so that each character is fine-tuned to a preference that is unique as one journey through the world of Estera that is mystical. Tears of Avia Has Announced New Classes And Characters, Explore A New Turn-Based Strategy RPG Set In A Fantastical World.

As we enter the world that has turn-based strategies and has got various tactics as we go on to explore the land of Estera. A unique war is navigated between the two-large city-states as the hidden secrets are learned by you very much within the walls of the cities that are abandoned. One has to decide, where the morality of your lies and sides are taken in the conflict that is becoming quite powerful.

Once, Estera was a very much thriving and proud world. One of the large city-states over there was Tirig, which takes immense pride in itself and boasts of the religious devotion that is very powerful and also on the largest military. In the city of Helmgar, there happen to be godless people who stay in the north and makes up for the second city-state. A venture and a party are built into cities that are long abandoned that have got a variety of colorful characters.

Every character has got its ability and they also have views on the world around them. Personal will and camaraderie are used so that the team is kept together and it also ventures forward in their hopes of ending the given way.

Their party is made up of different classes and is five in number. There are almost dozens of characters that are playable that have got over hundreds of skills from where you can choose from. You will never be going to have the same fight going on twice because of the opportunities that are there in the leveling experience of each character.

This very title will take the strategy and skill to master. Powerful combos are created as the attacks are combined or defensive abilities are used so that even the deadliest threats are negated. A deep tactical experience is held by the game in its shell in RPG.

A deep branching narrative will have to be faced by the players that are primarily driven by choices and decisions. The outcome of Estera will be impacted by your actions and it will eventually depend upon the fate of both the kingdoms.

There are experiences of the illustrations that are hand-drawn and there are also beautiful locations as you go on to travel across the very stunning world of Estera. The world is eventually yours and one wants to discover from the magnificent Tower of the Ancients and it stretches to the tombs that are long-forgotten and is hidden across the entire landscape of the world.

This summer, the tears of Avia will be available for an Xbox One and a PC release. The fans who are interested should explore the official website of the game and also the Steam Page to fetch more information and get a chance so that the title is brought to the wish list.

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