Top 5 artist interview tips to utilize the opportunities for publicity

Are you a music artist preparing yourself for an artist interview? Here are the top five tips to give a little boost to your confidence while answering as an interviewee.


Considering the need for marketing and promotion, emerging music artists are always looking for new ways to gain exposure. Interviews can be one of the most compelling and fun ways to promote music and the artist both. Fortunately, the artists can avail themselves of an opportunity of getting interviewed through digital music magazines, podcasts, channels, and many others. It helps the artists to vent their thoughts to the listeners, a common interaction with well.

The artist interview submission service is one of the best ways to build a stronger relationship between the artist and the listeners. Interviews provide an inside story of the artist’s personal life as well as professional life to which readers get really hooked. If you are an emerging artist and preparing yourself for an interview, here are some handy tips to keep your wit and spirits up.

  • Understand your music

Do you know what your musician story is? No, it is not a sob story of the struggle but the real content that defines your style and craft. Even if you strictly follow a single genre, there are some elements of individuality that provide the distinct flavor of your music. If you understand your music well, you will feel more confident talking about it than struggling to convey the concept behind it.

  • Limit yourself

Yes! Limiting yourself throughout the interview process is the key to create the essence of suspense. While talking about an upcoming project or latest release, show your listeners the tip of the iceberg that can provoke them to listen to the project and find out themselves. Be proud of your craft and be honest about it without bragging. Listeners will complement your music through comments and shares. The interview is utilized to give them a hint, but not everything.

  • Avoid one-word answers

The interview is specially arranged to provide complete focus to a single artist or band. It is all about you, so why not embrace it? You as an interviewee should answer or at least try to answer every question without using a one-word response which seems a little rude. Even if you are unable or trying to avoid a question, you are supposed to be logical and witty about it which reflects your confident nature. Some of the questions are strictly made ‘Yes/No’ type but you should add substance to support your answer.

  • What goes around, comes around

Sometimes the questions in an interview can be very personal or off-topic, other than music. It is quite normal as the listeners and readers are curious about everything. Try to go with the flow and skillfully connect it back to your music and latest releases. A bit of humor and wittiness can solve everything while keeping the fun essence intact.

  • Promotion is the real purpose

No matter what is in the questionnaire, the real purpose of the artist interview is to promote your music. There is nothing obnoxious about asking your listeners to check your latest release or guiding them to your website. You should tell them where they can purchase and listen to your music.

Many other handy tips can help you out as an interviewee however, the key lies in being confident about yourself and your craft.

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